X-Plane Bug Reporter

include the .rpt file in Output/Crash Reports

Include screenshots or a movie of any visual bug/artifact

with ALL bug submissions. This can be found in your X-Plane folder.

It is unlikely that you will be contacted directly regarding your submission but it will be reviewed and handled if possible.

Here is anexample bug reportwith notes on the various fields that you can use for guidance.

STOP: This is NOT a page fortech supportquestions!

Any specific settings required to induce the bug (does it occur if you temporarily remove your preferences from

on your system to cause the bug to appear (e.g., updating to a newer version of the sim, changing to a certain graphics card, updating your operating system, etc.)

Do not submit bugs caused by add-ons or plugins. They need to be sent to the original authors. The best way to know is by removed your add-on/plugin and see if the bug persists.

Do not submit requests for help. This is not a tech support ntact support here.

Include a screenshot of your rendering settings for any bug thats affected by rendering settings

Do not submit more than one bug in the same form. Please seperate them into ONE SUBMISSION per bug.

I consent to having my email address & any other personal information I have voluntarily included with this report stored by Laminar Research. Laminar Research will use my email address solely for the purpose of contacting me about my bug report, and they will use any other personal information solely for the purpose of identifying & correcting issues in their software.

FOR ALL BUG REPORTS on the desktop simulator,

Try and figure out how to reproduce the bug quickly and easily. If possible include a saved situation file so that we can start the sim in the same location/altitude IF NECESSARY.

A detailed description of the problem youre seeing.

X-Plane Bug Reporter

if the automatic crash reporter came up, and please do submit the bug automatically with the report form.

(To prove youre not a robot.)

Onlyused to contact you about your bug report.

As much detail as possible (airport, aircraft, settings, etc.) to help us reproduce the bug

Do not re-submit the same bug repeatedly…even between versions. Bugs that have been fixed appear in the ChangeLog. All others are assumed to be not-fixed.

All submissions are screened by hand so these guidelines help us to be expedient in processing them. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be processed.

IMPORTANT: You must read this first or your bug may not be processed!


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