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The Love Bug(sometimes referred to asHerbie the Love Bug) is a 1968 Americancomedy filmand the first in aseries of filmsmade byWalt Disney Productionsthat starred ananthropomorphicpearl-white, fabric-sunroofed 1963VolkswagenracingBeetlenamedHerbie. It was based on the 1961 bookCar, Boy, Girlby Gordon Buford.

A scene shot, but not included in the final cut of the film, featured Jim calling at aused car lotprior to his visiting Thorndykes auto showroom. This missing sequence has long since been lost, and all that remains is thescriptand a singleblack-and-whitephotograph of Jim talking with the salesman at the lot.

Joe Flynnas Havershaw, Thorndykes right-hand man

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That evening, Carole comes to Jims house to help Tennessee repair Herbie. Carole then hears the whole truth about Herbie having a mind of his own and had a great speed for winning races instead of Jim. Jim returns home in a brand newLamborghini 400GT, and has agreed to sell Herbie to Thorndyke to pay the remaining installments he owes on it. Jim states he needs a big and strong car for the upcoming El Doradoroad race, but finds no sympathy from Tennessee, Carole, or Herbie. Carole also angrily confronts Jim that he didnt care about Herbie and that he wasnt winning any of the races he participated in. Herbie then jealously proceeds to damage the Lamborghini, proving to Jim once and for all he has a mind of his own. Jim, angered by the wrecking, starts to damage Herbie with a shovel. Tennessee tries to stop Jim and says that Herbie was jealous and Jim agrees because he gets the credit for winning races, and the damaging ends due to Jims remark. By the time Thorndyke arrives to collect Herbie, Jim refuses the money from Thorndyke after realizing what he had said about winning races and damaging Herbie. Herbie runs away and Jim sets off into the night hoping to find Herbie and make amends before the car is seized by Thorndykes goons. After narrowly escaping being torn apart in Thorndykes workshop, and a destructive spree throughChinatown, during the Chinese New Years parade, Herbie is about tolaunch himselfoff theGolden Gate Bridgewhen Jim reaches him. In his attempt to stop Herbie from driving off the bridge, Jim nearly falls into the water. Herbie pulls Jim back to safety, but then is impounded by theSan Francisco Police Department. There, Tang Wu, (Benson Fong) a Chinese businessman whose store was damaged during Herbies rampage, demandscompensationthat Jim can no longer afford. Using the Chinese he learned while in Tibet, Tennessee tries to reason with Wu, and learns that he is a huge racing fan who knows all about Jim and Herbies exploits. Wu is willing to drop the charges in exchange for becoming Herbies new owner. Jim agrees to this, as long as Wu allows him to race the car in the El Dorado. If Jim wins, Wu will be able to keep the prize money, but has to sell Herbie back for adollar. Wu replies to this proposal in clear English: Now you speak my language.

Herbie competes in theMonterey Grand Prix, which, except for 1963, was not a sports car race. The actual sports car race held at Monterey was theMonterey Sports Car Championships.

The film was thethird highest-grossing film of 1968, earning over $51.2 million at the domestic box office. It received mostly positive reviews from critics, earning a 75% Fresh rating on thereview aggregatewebsiteRotten Tomatoes.[8]

A West German film series of five films featuring a similar Volkswagen, called Dudu orSuperbugwere written and directed by as well as starringRudolf Zehetgruber.

Before film began production, the titular car was not specified as aVolkswagen Beetle, and Disney set up a casting call for a dozen cars to audition. In the lineup, there were a fewToyotas, aTVR, a handful ofVolvos, anMGand a pearl white Volkswagen Beetle. The Volkswagen Beetle was chosen as it was the only one that elicited the crew to reach out and pet it.

An unfilmed scene at the end of the story that was scripted andstoryboardedwas to have shown Herbie playing with children at a nearbyplaygroundprior to taking the newly married Jim and Carole off on their honeymoon.

Peter Thorndykes yellow Special is actually a 1965Apollo GT, a rare sports car built in the United States by International Motorcars inOakland, California. It used an Italian-designed body along with a small-blockBuickV8 engine. This car exists today, is in the hands of a private collector, and has been restored as it was seen in the film with its yellow paint and number 14 logo.[3]

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This article is about the 1968 Disney film. For the insect, seelovebug. For other uses, seeLove Bug. For the 1997 film, seeThe Love Bug (1997 film).

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The car was later given the name Herbie from one ofBuddy Hackettskitsabout a ski instructor named Klaus, who speaks with a German accent as he introduces his fellow ski instructors, who are named Hans, Fritz, Wilhelm, and Sandor. At the end of the skit, Hackett would say If you aint got a Herbie (pronouncedhoy-bee), I aint going.

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Some of the racetrack scenes were shot at theRiverside International RacewayinRiverside, California.[6]Others were filmed atLaguna Seca RacewayinMonterey, CaliforniaWillow Springs RacewayinWillow Springs, CaliforniaandParamount RanchinAgoura Hills, California. Additional scenes depicting the El Dorado race were filmed near theSan Bernardino MountainsinBig Bear City, California.[7]

Herbie has his own cast billing in the closing credits, the only time this was done in the entire series of films.

Russ Caldwell as Boy Driving Dune-Buggy

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The Volkswagen brand name, logo or shield does not feature anywhere in the film, as the automaker did not permit Disney to use the name. The only logos can be briefly seen in at least two places, however. The first instance is on the brake pedals during the first scene where Herbie takes control with Jim inside (on the freeway when Herbie runs into Thorndykes Rolls Royce), and in fact it is shown in all the future scenes when Jim is braking. The second instance is on the ignition key, when Jim tries to shut down the braking Herbie. The later sequels produced, however, do promote the Volkswagen name (as sales of the Beetle were down when the sequels were produced). The VWWolfsburgcastle emblem on the steering wheel hub is also seen throughout the cars interior shots. Within the script, the car was only ever referred to as Herbie, the small car or the Bugthe latter, although a common nickname for the Beetle, was not trademarked by Volkswagen at the time of filming.

Walsh also gave Herbie his trademark red, white and blueracing stripespresumably for the morepatrioticcolor and came up with the films gags such as Herbie squirting oil and opening the doors by himself.[4]

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Drivers in the film billed in the opening credits includeDale Van Sickel, Reg Parton, Regina Parton,Tom BamfordBob Drake, Marion J. Playan, Hall Brock,Bill Hickman, Rex Ramsay, Hal Grist, Lynn Grate, Larry Schmitz, Richard Warlock, Dana Derfus, Everett Creach, Gerald Jann, Bill Couch, Ted Duncan, Robert Hoys, Gene Roscoe, Jack Mahoney, Charles Willis, Richard Brill, Roy Butterfield, Rudy Doucette, J.J. Wilson, Jim McCullough,Bud Ekins, Glenn Wilder, Gene Curtis,Robert James, John Timanus,Bob HarrisFred Krone, Richard Ceary, Jesse Wayne,Jack Perkins, Fred Stromsoe, Ronnie Rondell, and Kim Brewer.

Andy Granatellias Association President

Benson Fong, who played Mr. Wu, said that when he and the others were dragged along the dirt by Herbie, it was like being pulled by 40 horses. The 19611965 Volkswagen Beetles actually were rated by theSAEat 40 horsepower (30kW) in factory configuration (though only 34 horsepower (25kW) by the EuropeanDINsystem which measured engine output as installed in the car with cooling fan and exhaust system attached).

In accordance with the terms of the wager, Wu takes over Thorndykes car dealership (hiring Tennessee as his assistant), while Thorndyke and Havershaw are relegated to lowly mechanics. Meanwhile, a fully repaired Herbie chauffeurs the newlywed Jim and Carole away on their honeymoon.

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Twentieth Century Fox: A Corporate and Financial History

In 1968, Jim Douglas is a down-on-his luckracing driver, reduced to competing indemolition derbyraces against drivers half his age. Jim lives in an oldfire houverlookingSan Francisco Baywith his friend and mechanic, Tennessee Steinmetz, a jolly Brooklynite who constantly extols the virtues ofspiritual enlightenment, having spent time amongstBuddhist monksinTibet, and builds art from car parts. After yet another race ends in a crash (and Tennessee turns hisEdselinto a sculpture), Jim finds himself without a car and heads into town in search of some cheap wheels. He is enticed into an upmarket European car showroom after setting eyes on an attractive sales assistant and mechanic, Carole Bennett. Jim witnesses the dealerships British owner, Peter Thorndyke, being unnecessarily abusive towards a whiteVolkswagen Beetlethat rolls into the showroom, and defends the cars honor, much to Thorndykes displeasure. The following morning Jim is shocked to find that the car is parked outside his house and that Thorndyke is pressing charges forgrand theft. A heated argument between Jim and Thorndyke is settled when Carole persuades Thorndyke to drop the charges if Jim buys the car on a system of monthly payments.

Benson Fongas Tang Wu, Jims friend and team supporter

In the scene in which Herbie competes at Laguna Seca, the banner over the start/finish line readsMonterey Grand Prix. The 1968 Monterey Grand Prix was aCan Am Seriesrace, and did not feature production cars.

The bonuses on the DVD provide two deleted scenes named Used Car Lot and Playground.

AtDisneys All-Star Movies ResortatWalt Disney WorldinOrlando, Florida, Herbie has been immortalized in the Love Bug buildings 6 and 7.

The El Dorado runs through theSierra Nevadamountains fromYosemite ValleytoVirginia Cityand back. Before the start of the race, Thorndyke persuades Wu to make a wager with him on its outcome. Thorndyke (with his assistant Havershaw acting asco-driver) pulls every trick in the book to ensure he and his Thorndyke Special are leading at end of the first leg of the race. As a result of Thorndykes nutty, kooky antics, Jim (with Carole and Tennessee as co-drivers) limps home last with Herbie missing two wheels and having to use a wagon wheel to get to the finish line. Despite Tennessees best efforts, it looks as if Herbie will be unable to start the return leg of the race the following morning. Thorndyke then arrives and claims that this makes him the new owner of the car. Wu regretfully tells Jim of the wager and that in accordance with its terms this is true. Thorndyke, thinking he is Herbies new owner, gloats to Jim about what hes going to do to Herbie and kicks Herbies front fender, and punches Jim, but Herbie then unexpectedly lurches into life and chases Thorndyke from the scene, showing he is more than willing to race on. Thanks to some ingenious shortcuts, Jim is able to make up for lost time in the second leg and is neck and neck with Thorndyke as they approach the finish line. In the ensuing dogfight, Herbies hastilywelded-together body splits in two. The back half (carrying Tennessee and the engine) crosses the line just ahead of Thorndyke, while the front (carrying Jim and Carole) rolls over the line just behind, meaning Herbie takes both firstandthird place.

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. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, p. 163,ISBN978-0-8108-4244-1.

A five-episode TV series,Herbie the Love Bug, aired onCBSin the United States in spring 1982. In 1997, there was awhich included a Dean Jones cameo, tying it to the previous films. The latest entryHerbie: Fully Loaded, was released on June 22, 2005, byWalt Disney Pictures.

The movie follows the adventures of Herbie, Herbies driver, Jim Douglas (Dean Jones), and Jimslove interest, Carole Bennett (Michele Lee). It also featuresBuddy Hackettas Jims enlightened, kind-hearted friend, Tennessee Steinmetz, a character who creates art from used car parts. English actorDavid Tomlinsonportrays the villainous Peter Thorndyke, owner of anand anSCCAnational champion who sells Herbie to Jim and eventually becomes Jims racing rival.

Brian Fong as Chinese carrying Herbie

Michele Leeas Carole Bennet, Jims love interest

Dean Jonescredited the films success to the fact that it was the last live actionDisneyfilm produced underWalt Disneys involvement, released just two years after his death in 1966. Although Jones tried to pitch him a serious, straightforward film project concerning the story of the firstsports carever brought to the United States, Walt suggested a different car story for him, which wasCar, Boy, Girl, a story written in 1961 by Gordon Buford.

Buddy Hackettas Tennessee Steinmetz, Jims friend and roommate and partner in racing

Andy Granatelli, who was popular at the time as a presence at theIndianapolis 500as well as the spokesman forSTP, appears as himself as the racing association president. AnnouncerGary Owens(ofLaugh-Infame) and reporterChick Hearnalso appear as themselves. The driving scenes were choreographed by veteran stunt man Carey Loftin.

Car, Boy, Girl;The Magic Volksy;The Runaway Wagen;Beetlebomb;Wonderbeetle;BugboomandThunderbugwere among the original development titles considered for the film before the title was finalized asThe Love Bug.

Herbies trademark 53 racing number was chosen by producerBill Walsh, who was a fan ofLos Angeles Dodgersbaseball playerDon Drysdale(Drysdales jersey number, later retired by the team, was 53).

Peter Renadayas Policeman on Bridge

Films produced by Bill Walsh (producer)

Jim soon finds the car is prone to going completely out of his control and believes Thorndyke has conned him. Tennessee, however, believes certain inanimate objects to have hearts and minds of their own and tries to befriend the car, naming itHerbie. Jims feelings about his new acquisition soon improve when it appears Herbie is intent on bringing him and Carole together. He also discovers Herbie to have an incredible turn of speed for a car of his size and decides to take himracing. After watching Jim and Herbie win their first race together, Thorndyke, himself a major force on the local racing scene, offers to cancel the remaining payments Jim owes on Herbie if Jim can win a race that they will both be competing in atRiversidelater that month. Jim accepts, and despite Thorndykes underhanded tactics, he and Herbie take the victory. Over the next few months, they go on to become the toast of the Californian racing circuit, while Thorndyke suffers increasingly humiliating defeats. Thorndyke finally snaps and persuades Carole to take Jim out on a date while he sneaks round to Jims house. After getting Tennessee drunk on his ownIrish coffeerecipe, Thorndyke proceeds to tip the remainder of the alcoholic coffee and whipped cream into Herbies gas tank. At the following days race, an apparently hungover Herbie shudders to a halt and backfires while Thorndyke blasts to victory. However, as the crowd admires Thorndykes victory, Herbie blows some whipped cream out of his exhaust pipe, covering Thorndyke.

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Smith, Sam (May 2014). Shelby, American.

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Dean Jonesas Jim Douglas, a racing driver

Today, only a handful of the original Herbie cars are known to exist. Car 10 was recovered from a warehouse in Pennsylvania, and has been preservedstill sporting its original paint from the film.[5]

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalezas Mexican Driver

The Love Bug: The Missing Eldorado Locations + 1.

Four theatrical sequels followed:Herbie Rides Again,Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo,Herbie Goes Bananas, andHerbie: Fully Loaded. Some parts of the racing sequences from the film were later reused for Herbiesdream sequenceinHerbie Rides Again, responding to Grandma Steinmetzs telling Willoughby Whitfield that Herbie used to be a famous racecar.

David Tomlinsonas Peter Thorndyke, the owner of the car shop

The film was released on VHS on March 4, 1980. It was re-released on November 6, 1985, September 11, 1991 and on October 28, 1994 withHerbie Rides Again. It was soon re-released again on September 16, 1997 along with the entireHerbie the Love Bugfilm series. It was released on DVD for the first time on May 20, 2003. It was released again with its sequels in a four movie collection in 2012. A 45th Anniversary EditionBlu-ray Discwas released on December 16, 2014 as a Disney Movie Club exclusive title.

The opening scene of thedemolition derbycars isfootagefrom the filmFireball 500.Parts of this scene can also be found in a 1966-model year dealer promotional film by Chevrolet, titledImpact 66.

During one scene in the film, Herbie has lost one of his wheels, and Tennessee is hanging out of the passenger side door to balance him. The door opens, and there is no 53 logo on the door. This image was used heavily to promote the film.


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