Bug lens in 15 Hollywood blockbusters


If you watch the movie is more careful, you will find the reflection of the camera on the window, which is often seen in the movie.

Inglourious Basterds

The badge of the German officer’s chest once disappeared and later appeared again.


When Jack opened the machine that controlled Avatar, there was no wheelchair next to it. But the lens turned and suddenly appeared.

Terminator 2 Judgment Day

In the movie, Schwarzenegger used his body to file a T-1000 bullet for John Connor, and the leather on the back was smashed, but after a while, it looked like a new one. .

When John Connor fell on the bridge with the T-1000 truck, its front window fell, but in the next shot, it reappeared.

Marvel’s The Avengers

After Thor’s blast,…the bumper of a car miraculously recovered…

Dallas buys a club

The film was made in 1985, but in one scene we saw a poster of the Lamborghini Aventador on the wall, but the car was released in 2011.


There seem to be two different Titanic numbers. Otherwise, how do you explain the changes in the appearance of the deck?

Pirates of the Caribbean

sunglasses, white T-shirts, cowboy hats, Jake Paro’s crew are more modern.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Once, John and Kate flew away on a small white plane. The initial number was N3035C, but when they landed, the numbers became N3973F.

Marie Antoinette

What is the situation of Converse shoes? ? This is too careful.


As seen from a picture, the crew of Alien 1 wears a hat on the head, and after being attacked by the worm and removing the helmet, the hat disappears.

The Usual Suspects

When we first saw the plane entering the airport, it had four engines. After a second, it seems to have lost two?


The epic blockbuster ” Gladiator” was fired in the film world in 2000, but then it was also worn.

Star Wars

Look closely at one of the storm soldiers who was hit by the door. It is also a bad taste for the director to keep this shot!

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