All Things Ladybugs! An Interview with Penny Pester (Jandi Swanson

PFG Hunks of the Month: April Edition

Jonathans character inLadybugstransitions from Matthew to Martha in the film, which requires a shopping spree in the ladies clothing store. It doesnt go well, and turns into yetanothersexually suggestive scene with Rodney Dangerfield and a minor.

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Jandi quit acting when she became a producer, but shes ready to get back into the game. We talk about the hardships of being a child actor, and how difficult it can be to transition in the industry. Jandi has a lot of advice for up and coming performers.

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(L-R) Penny, Sally Anne, and

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The most memorable scene from Ladybugs is the sit down between Coach Chester and Penny Pester. This is his moment to show that hes a good guy by encouraging young Penny to be confident in herself.

Jandi was a very busy child star in the 80s and 90s.Ladybugsisnt her only brush with cult classic fame. She also appeared onFull House,Designing Woman, and the freakinGOLDEN GIRLSas young Dorothy! (She shares a great story about hanging out with Betty White.)

I was 13 and he was 15. We were definitely friend zoned from the beginning, but I loooved him.

Jacke sings three songs for the movie, including a long windedStar Spangled Bannerand a cover ofGreat Balls of Firewith Rodney Dangerfield. The world missed out on a Rodney & Jacke lounge act, so Jandi and I spent some time dreaming up their song choices.

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Thanks for the fabulous trip down memory lane, sister friend!Ladybugsis legendary, and were so grateful for a behind-the-scenes look into the film.  Check out the full interview on Jandis episode of Pretty Funny Girl Podcast below!

Fortunately for her, Rodney Dangerfield takes a borderline creepy interest in making sure that she feels beautiful. We see her transform from a shy mousy girl with a ponytail to a less shy mousy girl with her hair down. Its true movie magic.

I recently did a Pretty Funny Girl podcast interview Jandi Swanson, the actress who played dorky but darling Penny Pester. Shes amazing and spills ALL the behind the scenes tee! (FULL PODCAST EPISODE BELOW)

But Ill always think of her as our darling Penny Pester.

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No Coach Chester. I will not make out with you.

There was a time when I would just follow her around and laugh at everything she said. Everything that came out of her mouth was genius.

Do you ever wish there was a sports movie that combined the raunchiness of Rodney Dangerfield, the comedic brilliance of Jacke, and 90s heartthrob Jonathan Brandisin a dress? Well, youre in luck! Its called(1992), and if you havent seen it do yourself a huge favor.

I can always tell whenLadybugsis playing on HBO or something. People start recognizing me more. Its nice to be remembered.

Why I Refuse To Call Myself A Feminist (Its Not What You Think)

Im surprised that scene ever made it into the movie, because it is super uber creepy.

When I first asked Jandi to do the show, she was minutes from walking down the aisle in her wedding dress. She took the time to tell me that shed get back to me after her honeymoon. Who does that?! An angel of a woman, thats who.

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Chester (Rodney Dangerfield) decides that the only way to get a promotion at work is to coach the companys all girl soccer team, the Ladybugs.  The girls suck, so Chester asks his girlfriends son Matthew (Jonathan Brandis) to dress in drag and join the team. Comedy ensues. Heres the original trailer for the film!

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Always be you. You is what they want, not you trying to be somebody else. You have a built in GPS from God or the Universe, whatever you want to call it. Contrast is Gods way of saying take a left here.

Sadly, actor/teen idol Jonathan Brandis passed away in 2003 at the age of 27. You might remember him fromIT,Sidekicks, andThe Neverending Story II. He was truly a talented guy. Jandi met Jonathan during the audition process forLadybugs, and they immediately became close friends. He used to invite her visit him on set and go to his movie premieres.

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Jandi is my second guest whos had the pleasure of working with Jacke Harry. (The first wasVenus De Milo Thomas) It seems pretty unanimous Jacke is amazing.

The Ladybugs are a collection of preteen misfits who know little to nothing about soccer. The stand out player is Penny Pester, the quiet girl that lacks the confidence to talk to boys. Shes got braces, glasses, and unruly hair. In other words, shes an absolute mess.

Unfortunately it comes across like hes hitting on little girl in a kids movie. Jandi had to go into Dangerfields dressing room to rehearse the scene with him. Somebody should have called CPS.

PFG Hunks of the Month: April Edition

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