Wrench Wench

, is a trained mechanic with a solid professional reputation in her home town. She saves the day with her skills at several occasions during the story. She usually wears workmens clothes and has a male haircut, both for purely practical reasons.

. She joined the crew because the captain walked in on her having sex with the ships mechanicin the engine room. She diagnosed the engines problem

: Jimmy Neutrons mother is seen working under the family car at one point. She also pointed out a flaw in one of Jimmys inventions and explains it in fullTechno Babble. It turns out she was very right.

, is a handywoman whose romance with Violet (Jennifer Tilly) begins with wielding a wrench for her.

Another Corky, this one played by Gina Gershon in the Wachowskis

, Kim is an expert pilot and good at fixing broken machines.

, she figures out most of whats wrong with it and later replaces its engine herself while advising him to get new shocks installed. All despite only having a freshman level education.

, technically shes called a wiredancer.

is this and anAction Girlcombined in one. Not only is she a good mechanic, shes also a godly hacker.

, who also displays a fascination with explosives.

Linh Cinder, the main character of Marissa Meyers

fits this to a tee, in charge of maintaining the Far East Branchs God Arcs. complete with oversized gloves and a tendency to hug the protagonist when they do something stupid.

The series has had severalHot Scientistsdown the years, but it wasnt until

she was a shy computer hacking expert with aNo Social Skillsand aslight stutter, but by the time

series is one of these; apparently she grew up with seven brothers, and thus never subscribed to the philosophy women are useless with anything mechanical.

is very good at working with cars and electricity.

They are joined by Samantha Traynor in

and is actively working on a spacecraft able to make the journey to Jupiter within her guardians lifetime.

Rachel Ray Defwydd in Delta and the Bannermen is aBiker Babewho habitually carries spanners, Allen keys and whatever else she needs to conduct running repairs.

, had to be reverse-engineered, because nobody understood how it worked exactly, and so she would have been the only one able to maintain it.

– who turns out to be the heiress of

. She works part time as a welder in a steel mill.

rolls around, shes become a capable and confident engineer who helped develop the fastest suborbital thruster the world has ever seen

Winry Rockbell (pictured above). Winry made her firstautomailwhen she was

From theTriptych Continuum, we have Ratchette. She runs Ponyvilles fixit shop, doing minor to moderate repairs ondevices and conveniences which is all shes generally capable of: adjustments on the physical elements can be managed, but fixing the spells themselves is impossible for a

The first DLC has Gaige the Mecromance

episode Career Day, Jackie, whos a rich, spoiledValley Girltype teen shows unlikely skill in fixing cars.

a gunsmith after all, and shes shown teaching May in the manga. Shes never shown working on her own cars though, though she does wank over its capabilities at times.

make this into Skys way to assist the team, in a much cuter and less fanservicey way. Her ability to sense and understand energy being part of it, but she just understands machinery.

is the chief engineer of her crew of all femaleSpace Pirates.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

said power cores, and that she has spent enough time on the floor that she can recognize not only make and model but

would be expected to be technically skilled, and so far shes demonstrated a definite affinity with spaceship power systems (and the disabling thereof).

is shown repairing both motorcycles and Blackbird, and she even once worked as a mechanic.

, car enthusiast Tim gets a new mechanic who is one of these, which leads to him becoming slightly attracted to her. Of course, the fact that shes played by Jenny McCarthy doesnt hurt, either.

s Naomi Nagata. She gets annoyed when shes on a ship thats already in perfect shape and needs no tuning or repair.

. Her mark seems to give her the (occasional) ability to diagnose problems on contact something she cant bring herself to tell anypony about and she does clean up rather nicely, although one angry non-customer describes her as needing five baths just to reach dirty. Her capabilities and limitations are given some exploration inMechanical Aptitude

was a nuclear engineer in Siberia before her job building mankinds first base on Mars. Her skills in solving technological problems earned her the nickname Universal Solvent.

turns out to be one of these, helping one of the other Soldiers of the One (who is apparently now herLove Interest) fix a motorcycle engine.

A two-minute video ad for the mobile application Xero Touch stars a charming mid-thirties-looking wrench wench, who monologues to the viewer as she goes about her workday, explaining how much the app helps her keep track of what she earns and spends, as her charts materialize on-screen…while, of course, being gritty and cute.

Steelgrip Starkey and the All-Purpose Power Tool

was more of driver, but she certainly knew her way around the underside of a bonnet.

, Zoe and Kim are that, since they are stuntwomen.

When the family starts fixing up a car for Matt in season 3 of

episode Factory Girls featured a troop of these building planes to be used in World War 2.

is the chief mechanic for team Dai-Gurren and is responsible for the majority of the upgrades to the mechs and the battleship.

. Shell build any number of custom PMC vehicles for you, for a price.

Sister Steve, the streetwise nun in the

As bizarre as it may sound, Disney seems to be taking Tinker Bell, of all characters, in this direction with her CGI

has Dr. Helen Magnus, also played byAmanda Tapping, who again falls under this trope. Very obvious in episode 21, where they get stuck in an old oil rig and need to

is one, with her extensive labs in which she usually creates weapons for the protagonists. This also applies to her apprentice, Apple Bloom.

A military ramship is excellent motivation

, like most kappa in the series, is a Magitek engineer who donsoptical camouflageextendible robots arms, andmissiles. Shes really fond of human technology that falls across the Great Hakurei Border and, according to common fanart, has her own lines of electronics.

, both Sara and Catherine have their moments doing experiments or processing a car. It actually became something of aRunning GaginTelevision Without Pitythat Sara delighted in tearing vehicles apart.

, Tenore installs and repairs nearly everything in the Wind Queens theater. Shes even introduced at the top of a ladder, replacing a bulb and covered in dust. Though she gets caught up in her work, its revealed later that people often gossip around her because they forget shes there, and she does listen in.

fighter maintenance crew she developed an advanced prosthetic hand for her boss, Commander Peter Raeder, that led to him being able to fly again.

Both Daisy and Rosalina are presented as having mechanic skills in

. Although Star Trek engine rooms tend to be cleaner than a modern-day operating theatre, she does still manage to get covered in dirt and grease on a fairly regular basis.

episode The Turn of the Wretched Wrench. Conversely, this was the day job of her Japanese counterpart, Natsumi Shinohara from

Rosie The Riveter by underground artist Trina Robbins.

. She came to Earth after the original 100, only to find her boyfriend Finn was with the shows protagonist, Clarke. Despite this, her tech expertise help Clarke establish contact with The Arc and is essential in the battle against the Grounders.

is a mechanic in a world where mechanical engineering is illegal.

Leos mom, Esperanza Valdez, was a mechanic and fell in love with the god of forges, Hephaestus. She received a college degree in mechanical engineering but never received a job in that field because because she was never taken seriously as a mechanic since she was a woman.

Well, my steady little doll is a real live beauty

runs the local garage with her husband.

seemed happiest either drawing or fixing stuff with her

, who fixed Lanes Camaro that would otherwise keep catching rust.

is made up of four highly skilled teen girl mechanics who not only work on cars but also maintain the schools motley collection of WWII tanks. In the later episodes they get to crew the notoriously cantankerous Porsche Tiger tank, doing as well as warriors as they did as wrench wenches. Their skills are useful even during final match when Porsche engine overheats. One of the crew fixed the problem while riding on the armor at full speed. Hell, they even overcharged the engine to keep up with the rest of the team and

games specialises in remote-controlled vehicles, so the gang try to hire her on.

, who is the one responsible for building the boards for the Babylon Rogues.

is a tomboy who works in a clocktower and loves to work on machines.

, who works in the Normandys lower deck alongside her coworker,Ken Donnelly.

The music video forGirls Alouds Long Hot Summer is set in a mechanics shop with the girls sporting boiler suits and working on cars.

, is absurdly talented with auto repair and other forms of masculine expertise. This makes her either more or less attractive to the boys, depending on the story. In therebootshe is basically her boyfriends mechanic, and Archie is clueless about that sort of stuff.

, Louvenia Spangler is an expert gunsmith. This is a large part of what makes Wes (The Gunslinger) fall in love with her.

, she is working on his ship, The Rogue Shadow. The comics also show her working on other equipment.

Mechanical inclinations have, for various reasons, traditionally been the forte of men. The Wrench Wench is a girl who sets out to change all that. This can sometimes extend to pure electronic devices, but a Wrench Wench is more likely to be found with a blowtorch and ratchet set. She will always be confident about her own work, but because shes technically an enormousgeekshe sometimes has trouble with other things. She might also haveMachine Empathyand can diagnose problems just by listening to the motor. She has been known to beCurious as a Monkeyin the presence of new and interesting machinesorConstantly Curious, if inspection is impossible.

: Gwen, much to everyones surprise, since no-one expects a five-foot, doll-faced daughter of high nobility to know her way around airship power cores. It becomes more clear when she explains that her family

is mechanic of thehumongous mechasin the show.

who is at least as mechanically capable as her husband.

is a genius mechanic, her weapon is literallyan enormous wrench, and shes so hot that total strangers will give her money or items..

makes one wonder how the show stayed TV-Y7. Of course, she

is extremely good with cars but hides it from her boyfriend and friends to remain popular.

is of the high-tech variety rather than the grease-monkey variety.

serves as the mechanic for the main charactersHumongous Mecha.

trilogy. In addition to being second-in-command of

is based on states that Tinker Bell is a tinker who mends the pots and pans. Its not like Disneypulled this out of nowhere.

The main character of C. E. Murphys

is this. Shes handy with gadgets, and, along with her father, is usually responsible for creating spaceships, as well as Trunks time machine.

title Rebels has Chandra. One example: she and Scorch take apart part of a top-secret space engine -and put it back together within twenty minutes.

Also, Tron Bonne combines this witha fancy for designing robots, although generally she tends to design new electronics more often than fix old motors.

, and herWeapon of Choiceis awrench. You never see her covered in grease though, since automail construction is very fine work and actually more a medical profession.

And axle grease embedded neath her fingernails!

And everybody knows shes a car-crazy cutie

work on souping up the standard model. She and her friend and fellow flight technomancer Irena Politek operate a hangar full of customised broomsticks in City Watch service. Working with Dwarf brothers the Messers Schmidt and Zlobenian dwarf Mig Oyeff, they currently fly ME-109s and the MIG-21 broomsticks. Their prototype ME Schmidt 262 is going to be

combines Wrench Wench withHacketteanda fetish for explosions.

. Invents all manner of weaponry, and makes the Monster Mobile go, all with household waste.

Sky Bolt fromThe Dusk Guard Sagaworks as an engineer for an airship company. She is a compassionate tinkerer, working on improving deep water pumping in her spare time, among dozens of other projects. Her latest design,

TheHood Ornament Hottieis a related trope, where the woman may be dressed or posed as if she was the mechanic, but actually is simply intended to be Eye-candy. A subtrope ofThe Engineer.

Gilina Renaez is a technical specialist for the private army she works for.

Usually too self-confident to ever need aBeautiful All Alongplot, but very likely to have at least oneShe Cleans Up Nicelymoment even though shes often anUnkempt Beautyanyway. Tick her off and aWrench Whackmay be in the offing.

fashion model Mia, who tags along on the journey to L.A., later ends up helping fix the broken down bus with her expensive leggings, saying it was an old trick her mom taught her.

actually carries wrenches around with her. And uses them to build some pretty crazy stuff, most notably an airship shaped like a goldfish.

, and fixed it on the spot when Mal showed up. He fired his mechanic and hired her as she was getting dressed. In Shindig, Kaylee cleans up and goes to a fancy ball, but spends the evening discussing engines with a rapt audience.

Can be used as a contrast to show that shes not as feminine as she first appears. Shes often aMs Fix It. Can also beThe Blacksmith. When her talents go above and beyond mere fixing things to outright creating machinery, shes also aGadgeteer Genius. If its computers and the Internet instead of mechanics, shes aHackette. If her skills wax more technical than mechanical, chances are shes aHot Scientist, though overlap can exist when dealing with things like mecha and androids which encompass both elements.

. You, yourself, qualify as well if youre the female version of the Lone Wanderer and spend up on Repair skill points.

is good with machines, and comes with an ability that lets herOne-Hit KOa machine type enemy.

A very rare example from a1930sfilm,

Indira Fenstermacher, the formerspace stationengineer in

Also Furlow, although she is far from beautiful, isAffably Evil, runs anHonest Johns Dealership, and hasChronic Backstabbing Disorder

is a villainous example. When shes not gunning people down as part of her hitman duties, she apparently likes to build complex mechanical torture devices… including one designed to shoot a bound captive in the knee. In the same spot.

series. Tess is one as well, only her specialty is weaponry, not vehicles.

Like most character tropes involving the squad, Fem Shep can qualify for this one too – just make her an engineer.

This proves a useful skill in the second novel when she re-configures the Black Sites fire suppression system to spray methane gas, allowing Cade to set off an explosion to destroy the site and its monstrous occupants

Ma Hunkel, the originalRed Tornadofromthe Golden AgeofThe DCU, worked as a riveter during WWII. All that heavy labor probably helped with her right hook.

Mikaela (Megan Fox) in the live-action

; she never was anything near fanservicey, but, in another hand, had Ikki slightly fawning over her. Justified by the fact that shes the granddaughter of Dr. Aki, the modern Medarot inventor. Thing is, if youconsiders the series existence at all.

, whose insane (or rather dead-on-balls accurate) knowledge of cars

Although Alice has spent most of her life studying sorcery her real gift is with watches and mechanical things, including her creating

When Starkiller first lays eyes on Juno Eclipse in

, Virals personal mechanic andpersonal snarker.

s Ronny that it got a Wrench Wench to balance things out. Her tendency forpractically

Tania, Nathaniel Cadeson/off vampiric girlfriendin the

(1991) gives us L.A. cab driver/aspiring mechanic Corky, played by Winona Ryder. When she picks up movie exec (Gena Rowlands) who is impressed by Corky and wants to make her a movie star, Corky turns her down, staying true to her unassuming tomboy working-class self.

working on machines, though unlike Gina, shed get out of the business if there were something with more money and glamour available.

is the hand maid of the main charactersMaid Corpsand invents all sorts of inventions for the main character, which unfortunately have a tendency to explode or malfunction.

(in Dharmaville) works as an auto mechanic.

, a machine enthusiast who takes after her father, is one of the earliest video game examples.

, the youngest daughter of Ponder Stibbons and Johanna-Smith-Rhodes turns out to be skilled with her hands. A gifted artist and musician, she is prone to do things like dismantle the valves of aQuirmianHorn just to see how it works. And then reassemble it again afterwards. Given a defective crossbow to examine by her Assassin mother

The Ooarai Girls High School Automotive Club in the anime

has Samantha Carter, whos not only the showsOmnidisciplinary Scientistbut also builds Naquada reactors in her office/workshop in her spare time. One scene showed her working closely with a mechanical object very intently. With her, it is likely an alien device of some kind. The camera pulls back to reveal she was tuning up herbike.

: Olga is a car mechanic and a damn good one.

loves to tinker with machines and invent things, though she isntalways good at it. Being an inventor apparently runs in the family, as her grandson Rick in

, Izzy seems to do maintenance on the water bikes used in the courier business she shares with Gina (and Gina might as well). That doesnt mean she actually

. Quirky but genius inventor and still as busty as most of her squad.

Josephine the Plumber: the great spokeswoman for female wrench-wielding empowerment that Gen X kids grew up with, played by Jane Withers. Picture Progressive Insurances Flo, minus the makeup and hairdo, plus grease-stained overalls.

Juliette Burke in the 5th season of

knows how to hotwire a car. Thats because of her youth in a rough neighborhood.

has Commander Andrea Garnett, the Executive Officer of the titular ship, who was originally the Chief Engineer. Even after her promotion, she still performs engineering duties when required and

of female aircraft builders. (Her great-grandmother wields a mean tinsmithing hammer.) The entire workforce of Piccolo Aviation are women, since the men are all abroad looking for work.

TheBit Characterthat appears in Virals dream in the original

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

is chief mechanic of a huge submarine despite being a teenager, and loves machinery in general.

has Amanita Graus as the storys protagonist.

has Rika in its second installment, who builds tanks and is rarely seen without her wrench in fanart. Also, Kawashiro Nitori from Touhou 10

carries a lot of tools with her and uses them to create all kinds of contraptions. Some of them are nearly, or completely useless, such as a hat she created to disguise herself as a duck or a contraption involving forks scratching on plates and a cone to magnify their sound at an enemy. Others, like her flying machine, work very well.

to be the first to test out any new gadget. And apparently, being a race car driver who can work on her own cars has left her qualified to work ongiant robots. One of the aforementioned Hot Scientists was Operation Overdrives own Pink Ranger, providing the show with a double-dose of geek girls.

Standin there holding that drippin dipstick/With a firm grip, yet so delicate/And the way you took that orange oil rag and wiped it clean/Its guaranteed to get repeated in my dreams

Got so lost in your smile when you asked me what the mileage was

. The most famous, Kari Byron, is actually a lighter example than the other two, being an artist by training. Scottie Chapman from the earlier seasons is a much straighter example, being a welder and metal worker. Jessi Combs, who filled in for Kari when she was on maternity leave, is a metal fabricator.

Her mother uses it as a test on Assassin students to see if they can spot where the fault is and then put it right

. Formerly a model (and sometimes still is) before joining the crew of rat rod makers.

The video for the Dandy Warhols Bohemian Like You features a guy ogling a girl whos wearing greasy overalls and fixing a car. While hes talking to her, he visualises herwithout the overalls. In the interests of fairness, later on when hes working in a bar, a girl does the exact same thing to him.

is a tomboy and chief mechanic for her racing team. She once takes out the damaged turbine engine from Super Asurada AKF-11

Gia Kelly in The Seeds of Death is the electronics-expert variant; shes the worlds greatest expert on the planet-wide teleportation system, and also makes field repairs to an improvisedDeath Ray.

her expertise is the reason she and the others kidnapped by pirates are rescued

The entire first verse from Felts Dirty Girl is about this. Lines include

, Nancy tells John HartiganNobody but me can keep this heap running.

destroy the bridge to delay opponents reinforcements.

is the computer-programming version of this trope.

has Isara Gunther. Shes also the one to first appear at a gun fight with her fatherscustomized heavy tank! Yes, aMoetank opperator.

and injures her hands for doing that.

An ad for Kohler plumbing products features a man spotting a rather attractive lady plumber down the street. He quickly runs into his house and starts flushing random household objects down his toilet, trying to get it to clog, before realizing he has a clog-resistant Kohler toilet.Then his wife catches himpouring dry dog food into the toilet and asks him what hes doing.

While we didnt get to see much of it on panel, DG from

her mini patrol car from the ground up, and maintains Natsumis motorcycles.

movies. The reasoning is actually fairly logicalwhy else would she be named

, is the best mechanic in New Beijing.

Winrys grandmother,Pinako, is also one of these. Especiallywhen she was youngDominic LeCoultestill quakes in fear of her.

As both she and her father are highly ranked engineers, Laeshana from

saves the defendants in the murder trial.

Roll Casket is a genius mechanic whos in charge of piloting and maintaining her familys airship .

was a former high-fashion model who enlisted and became a missile-tank driver. Who does the upkeep and repair work on her own tank.

is this. She carries a wrench and sells them too.

Guys dont like it when you know more about cars than they do.

of wrench wenches: theTool Toul To.

Maggie Chascarrillo, a.k.a. Maggie the Mechanic, from Jaime Hernandezs half of

: Veronica has a bit of this going on as well. She can even function as a mobile Workbench that lets you craft items on the spot.

. With Rosalina it is certainly justified because she has no one else to help with the observatory. When Peach and Rosalina meet the latter isnt even wearing her typical dress, instead shes wearing a dirty mechanic uniform while fixing her observatory.

Shes hip to everything, man, from customs to rails

. Built her mini-tank, Bonaparte from the wreckage of the squad leadersAwesome, but Impracticalsuper-tank.

. Before joining the witches she worked on motorcycles and airplanes, consequentially her striker unit is heavily modified. Even after joining the witches she spends her spare time in the machine shop and making further modifications to her striker unit.

, who has her own scrapyard and is quite proficient with computers.

, is quite competent at fixing machinery, which, considering that shes a ranch-raised country girl, isTruth in Television.

Linda Connor, from Swedish SF author Anders Blixts dieselpunk spy adventure

Beyoncis playing a woman fixing a car wearing a crop top and daisy dukes.

. Ruth glances at it, identifies the fault in seconds, and then suggests a fix that will put it right

was introduced trying to fix up an old hoverbike, and dreams of building a ship to compete in the Solar Olympics.

reveals that she also spends her spare time restoring vintage cars.

trilogy is one of these, being a dedicated car enthusiast who restored a 1969 Mustang all by herself, and worked as a mechanic for the Seattle Police Dept. She even continues to use the idea of fixing a car to work her healing magics (fixing a broken windshield, replacing a flat tire, using windshield wipers to clear her vision, etc.).

Alex (Jennifer Beals), the main character from

Nyssa was a daughter of Hephaestus. She was leader of the cabin of Hephaestus children. As a child of this god, she could manipulate machines, as well as being an expert mechanic and builder. She could also sense machines, mechanic or metal and identify machinery types by a touch.

Mercy Thompson, a.k.a. Mercedes the Volkswagen mechanic. She got started at 16 when she was sent to do community service fixing up cars, and now she owns and runs her own garage.

, though shes more the communications officer and spends her time cracking code.

series), Dr. Lights lover works in a factory. Keeping her safe from a dangerous job is part of his motivation for creating the robots central to the series. Of course,Dr. Wilyhas other plans.

In her music video toWhy dont you love me

is a mechanic in addition to a helicopter pilot.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortresshas Yukina whos good at working machines such as the train.

, the daughter of RGO shop owner Kazuo Ota. She could dismantle and rebuilt a whole engine by herself down to the crankshaft, and is in fact slated to inherit her fathers shop..

is the chief engineer of the Red faction organization and creator of all their weapons.

Ellie. Although she is one of the most obese characters in the game, speaking to other characters and listening to audiologs reveals that there are some people on Pandora who like it that way.

Second Lieutenant Cynthia Robbins of

, attempts to follow her brothers tracks by building several flying machines

has Ranru/AbareYellow, who gave up a career as anIdol Singerto pursue her dream of becoming a mechanic.

. Given the idea by her older sister, she then designs theDiscworlds first acoustic bass guitar, from first principles.

, turns a 100-year-old Federation ship into her home and gets most of its systems working on her own, even though she doesnt have any formal engineering training. Kirk is so impressed with her work that he ultimately arranges for her to be admitted into Starfleet Academy.

The Beach Boys Car Crazy Cutie is an ode to a woman who shares her beaus enthusiasm for automobiles:

, we are introduced to Cidney, the seriess first female incarnation of the famous mechanic,Cid, who we first meet fixing cars at a local gas station. In the playable demo, she is the one who fixes the guys car when it breaks down in Duscae. Sadly, in the English version, shes renamed Cindy. Apparently Cidny was too punny? Her grandfather is named Cid in both versions though.

is shown to be skilled with mechanics.

As well asEngineer Gabriella Daniels, first introduced in

You dropped that earring down the sink on purpose, didnt you?

Happy Quinn, the mechanical prodigy on

The first time the titular character rides in Giless car in

falls into this category, especially when the team is investigating a vehicle-involved crime. Off with the white lab coat, on with the bright red mechanics coveralls.

, although her particular talent seems to be mostly with computer hardware and programming.

, both become wrench wenches after joining a munitions facility duringWorld War II.

Olga Romanoff, an Air Policewoman in Ankh-Morpork, is also a largely self-taught broomstick technomancer who stands apart from other witches in that she knows what makes one go and is prepared to roll up her sleeves and

, its boy-crazy Lucy who is shown to be an idiot savant when it comes to cars.

TaliZorah, whos part of an alien race called the quarians. Quarians are the whole race of incredibly skilled engineers. And even among the quarians, she is counted one of the best engineers and geth specialists.

Fae is the head mechanic inThe Osmerian Conflict, and is almost always found in either the hanger or the electronics room doing some form of maintenance or mechanical checks.

. She is a high school student who works as a mechanic at her dads auto repair shop.

Wrench Wench


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