Whats New And Leaving Hulu For August 2017

Whats New And Leaving Hulu For August 2017

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Streaming company Hulu has announced everything coming to and leaving the service for August 2017–and there are quite a few great movies being added. A number of those are available now.

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You can see a full rundown of whats coming to and leaving Hulu for August 2017 below. While Netflix has not announced its August 2017 lineup yet, you canfind out whats new on Amazon Prime for the month right here.

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New to Hulu for August 1 are movies likeHoney, I Shrunk The Kids;Saw 1-5,Spider-Man 1and2, whileSaving Private RyanandSaharaare also out that day. The moviesAli,Bad Boys, andWaynes World 2also come to Hulu on August 1.

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As for whats leaving,Gangs of New York,Girl, Interrupted;Kangaroo Jack,Mr. Mom, andMulanare all going away on August 31, so watch them now while you still can.


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