Whats Black and Red and Red All Over?

You do not kill Bedrossian, a heavily accented Russian voice accused over the line.

Ladybug twitched. Well, shehadntuntil just now. I think I can take care of myself, kitty, she replied haughtily, folding her arms over her chest. Which is when they heard the familiar beep. Just like you need to right now, she pointed out, nodding to his ring.

I am Ladybug!she wanted to protest, but of course she couldnt. Besides it was impossible to direct her anger at the golden perfection of Adriens visage….Fine,she sighed, squeaking only a little bit when the blond smiled and squeezed her shoulder. She was still a little pink as the boys faced forward when Mme Bustier entered the room. However, she nudged her friend in the ribs with an elbow. If Im not supposed to go near him, you better not be looking for him either, she said in a low tone to her bestie.

Howdy, he called in his admittedly broken Canadian French, giving her a big wave that let out an extra large spurt of blood.

In that annoying wash of warmth, his tongue was healed. Right zipped back up. Which let him yell, Sorry, sweetcheeks! We gotta go! Skittering up to her level, he took her hand and ran. Before the ballsacks of Armenian and Russians woke up from the dead and either came after him or decided to have a shootem up.

…Ill think about it, she allowed, uncrossing her arms from her chest. Her eyes flicked to the gathering crowd and the beginnings of a media-circus from her latest heroics. For now, I gotta go. Dont get up to any trouble.

Good mornin! Lovely day out, isnt it? Deadpool said cheerfully, as he dumped the basket in front of the gaping cashier. Searching his pockets, he pulled out several guns onto the counter before he let out a frustrated huff. Damn! Left my wallet in my other suit. Youll take an IOU, right?

His bag practically vibrated from the sudden deluge of calls and texts coming to his phone. He whipped it out, only to see if there was anything from Marinette, an explanation, an apology,anything,but it was too unwieldy to search as he was hit with notice after notice after notice.

Oh, nu-uh, no way! I earned this moolah already! Aint my fault the dude mighta popped back to life! the merc argued. …But seriously though, is there some kind of resurrectionist I gotta know about?

Suddenly, a warm rosy-colored wave passed over the streets, making the merc halt in his tracks. His still healing fatal wound to his side zipped up faster than you could say Hakuna-Matata. That he could dismiss. The fact that his suit smelled so fresh that it felt like he took a bath in a vat of Febreze, not so much.

One of the doors to the street opened up and a little old lady stepped out into the morning light. She stopped dead in her tracks as the red and black suited, heavily armed mercenary, with guns and buns of steel (and two katanas) strode by her door, still bleeding from the gaping wound to his side.

Deadpools eyes caught onto the rows and rows celeb rags by the register. Big, bright flashy text always had

Hey! You! a voice called from overhead, on top of one of the warehouses.

Does he know anyone called Spider-Man? Marinette asked, once she stopped cringing at the thought of body liquidation.

Deal, the designer agreed. Both of them smiled as they shook on it.

Absolutely terribly, the merc replied, waving a dismissive hand. He didnt even get the girl for years and years, then when he did, it became this whole thing, like love triangle on massive proportions, between her and him and Black Cat. So muchdrama!It had Telenovela Emmy written all over it! Then I think Black Cat curses him, his wife ended up sucked into a different dimension or dead, I cant remember, and its all kind of one big shit show.

Oh, pardon my manners! he said, taking both her hands to shake them vigorously. Im Deadpool, merc extraordinaire, part-time superhero. From Canada, if you cant tell from the accent. Also happen to be best buddies with Spider-Man.

Deadpools head whipped up. Maybe not the wisest course of action as it took a huge slice of his tongue out with it. Blood gushed from the wound, as it was wont to do, creating a crimson waterfall down his front.

A heavy sigh sounded over the line. Dat is Ladybug problem. Dis- disgirl,she is bad for business. Unfortunately, akuma she deal vit are even vorse. So ve deal vit her like bad smell in garden. Ignore her.

HEY~! he called again, waving his arms overhead as he stood atop the still moving scooter. (He was wearing a helmet. Safety first!) Hey Bug Girl!

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…Oh, she wassoSpideys French love-baby.

Ladybug, huh? Sounds anawfullike that bug-girl swinging around. What a coinkidink!

After school, she went straight to Adrien. The magnificent blond stood on the steps of the college, chatting amiably away with Nino. Alya only watched with eyebrows raised, sensing the determination in her bestie. Sensing her approach, the boys turned up to their classmate. Adriens face lit up as he saw her, giving her a guileless smile and a wave, Hey Marinette, whats-

Oh yeah, Im fine. You just do your thing, girly, Deadpool replied, slapping his cheeks to spark his nose into un-indenting his face from the lamp-post. With a very concerned frown, Ladybug did, helping the helicopter pilot and passengers down from their very precarious position over the streets.

Well, this was probably going to be a bit awkward to explain. Very carefully checking her wording, the designer replied, Well~ I might have overheard him talking to Ladybug about it and-

You mean anything stupid? Deadpool asked.

I knew it! I knew it! YouareSpideys kid! Deadpool cackled gleefully. Youve got the exact same love troubles!

The little old ladys eyes went as wide as saucers. Then she ducked back inside and slammed the door shut behind her.

…Youre trying to imply something, arent you? Ladybug asked flatly, frowning at the odd tourist to Paris. She took her hands back, looking like she wished she could wash them off. She settled on folding her arms over her chest, settling on glaring up at him. Looking so much like a mini-Spidey that it killed him. (Not literally, obviously.) I can promise you, I am not in any way, shape, or form associated with Spider-Man, she snapped. With a flick of her wrist, she sent out her wire, ayo-yo,up to the rooftops. Now, if youll excuse me, I have to get going back-

Does this mean I can stab things when you are looking! Deadpool called after her.

Ladybug stared in absolute horror, the blood draining from her face until she was as white as a sheet. Then her earrings beeped, reminding her of how precious her time left was. Wh- Well what do I do?! How am I supposed to fix this?! she cried, grabbing him by his sword straps.

Either way, they were long gone before it got to that. They only stopped when they were back in some quaint little neighborhood in old Paris. Whew! Close one! Deadpool cried, wiping his forearm over his masked brow. Then he turned to the little lady, who was still staring at him in alarm. Bug-muffin, I wouldreallyappreciate it if you quit trick that while Im here. I find it incredibly unnerving. Mkay? Okay.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,tata~Deadpool said, abruptly ending the call. Welp, looked like he was going to have both Ruskies and Armenians after him. Normally, that meant it was high time to tail it out of there.

NO! No! the model cried, trying to pry his cousin-figure off of him before she grossed him out beyond repair. Im okay! I got to go! I got- uh- photoshoot! See ya! he cried, dashing off to the safety of his limo with only a wave goodbye to Nino.

Ladybug looked down, her eyes widening as he promptly crashed into a lamp-post. Oh my gosh! Are you okay? she asked, keeping her hold on her wire.

Once again, he was given a long and considering look.

GASP! A possible French love child?! Spidey, youdawg!

Feeling just a bit put out by the lack of faith, Marinette demanded, Whys that?

It is not, the mobster replied. One could just imagine the girthy man behind it, sitting behind a heavy wooden desk perfumed with incense and tossing back vodka. My desk isclean,and so is my safe. You vill redeliver head to me or give back my money.

What did you do?! Ladybug demanded, her eyes wide with understandable concern.

Also, Im making a deliberate switch from Hawkmoth to Papillon as of now. I dont know why, Papillon always sounded more proper/sinister to me. I dont even know what a Hawkmoth is.

Then his cellphone so rudely interrupted him, forcing him to a screeching halt. It had all the makings of an unexpected plot twist. Yello, he said into the phone.

Mmm~ yeah, looks like theyre friends, Alya said, looking from her tablet up to her friend. Why do you ask?

Ahhh~ young love! Deadpool gushed, clasping his hands together under his chin as his leg kicked up. It wasmortifying.Howcuuuute~How long have you two been together?

Wha- I didnt-! I didnt do anything! Adrien protested, his voice pitched to a high shrill. I have no idea why she just did that! Suddenly, he was tackled from behind, assaulted by Chloes whole body and her expensive perfume.

He was sure the local fuzz would appreciate the thought. Man, I could use a drink after that, he said as he stretched, walking down the empty street. Hmm, his swords were still covered in the Ruskies blood, wasnt it? Deadpool whipped his baby out, tugging up the bottom of his mask to take a long red lick. He gagged and went for the other, Ick, Armenian. He lapped at his other baby, trying to see if he could get a hint of vodka. Maybe? Maybe, no. Damn.

Out in a rather sketch warehouse district, he kicked the large warehouse door closed, hiding away the mass of bodies, dismembered limbs, and gore inside. That was the Armenians and the Russians all one and done. If he had a big red bow he would have used it. He had to settle for using some detached arms smeared in blood instead.

Slap him, Deadpool replied, freezing Ladybug in her tracks. The merc gave her what she could only assume was a winning smile underneath his mask. Works on meevery time. It just keeps em comin.

Oh yeah. Thats a Spidey trick alright. If my name aint Anna Parnassas.

…However,this Ladybug girl intrigued him. Probably not Spidey zapped into a girl then.BUTthat didnt mean that the kid (and hed seen enough suits to tell she was a kid) wasnt somehow involved with him. Which could only mean…

It wasnt anything like that! Marinette objected hotly. He was just- He was being friendly, in a very weird way. And Alya, you said hes immune to possession, so its not like we have to worry about him getting akumatized.

Afterwards, she dropped down to the pavement to check on him. Um, sir? Are you sure youre alright? she asked worriedly, looking him over with bright blue eyes. Gosh, she even sounded as goody-two-shoes as Spidey. …Before he found out what the merc was really like.

It took some doing, but after days of hiding out and watching the news in a rather seedy hotel in a rough part of town, news finally came over the TV of another Ladybug sighting. He acquired a pastel green moped in the street, high tailing it to Montparnasse where the rescue was happening. As he got there, he saw the net overhead, something black and red zip-zipping over the street. Just in time to see the net catch a falling helicopter overhead.

Well, this guys a mercenary, right? Nino reasoned. He could have been hired by some bad dudes whod want to off Ladybug. I mean, he could have even been hired by Papillon! At this point, Adrien began to look a little green around the gills.

Oh, am I allowed to talk now? Deadpool asked, whilst Ladybug rolled her eyes heavenward. Oh! Right, well, a liiiiittle longer than I was expecting, (as of five minutes ago) butnaaah~Im a sweetheart, sweetheart. OH! Selfie-time! he cried, whipping out his cellphone. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, tugging her into a selfie. It captured her semi-confused and alarmed expression and his handsome masked mug. All in all, not a bad shot.

Deadpool? Alya asked, raising both eyebrows. Both were sitting at their desk as usual, waiting for class to start. Then her eyes lit up with recognition. Oh! Yeah, I have heard of him! Pulling out her tablet from her bag, she immediately accessed her favorite superhero database. She pulled up an entry of what was undoubtedly the strange suited man Marinette ran into the day before. Hes an on again off again superhero from the United States, although technically hes Canadian. Hes got the usual stuff like superhuman strength, speed, and agilities. Master martial artist. His biggest strength is his healing factor, which makes him immune to possession and he can recover from being almost completely liquidated. Hes pretty much immortal and invincible! Hes really awesome actually.

I got a different job for you, kitty. Dont worry, Ladybug winked. That buttoned Chat up, right quick. He only had about two seconds to blush, before the pair were forced to move again.

The bloggers excitable state inevitably attracted the attention of the boys in the front row, as the pair of them looked up at the girls with varying degrees of concern. Whos not safe? Adrien demanded, his sincere good-heartedness making Marinette swoon just a little. Of course,hewould be looking out for them, unwarranted or not.

Marinette kept a wary watch out for Paris strange new visitor the next day as she headed over to school. There wasnt all that much talk of this Deadpool person, but as far as she knew, hed been keeping pretty much to himself until now. However, she knew very well whowouldhave information on someone like this…

Fudge-monkeys, should have gotten a selfie! Oh well, nothing a chimichanga wont fix. As long as this fanfic writer can magic one up across the street. Chimichanga factory… now! Now? …Dammit.

Whats Black and Red and Red All Over?

What?!Thats my job! Chat protested, momentarily distracted himself. He let out a yowl, when his lady used her yo-yo to grab his ankle to pull him away from an oncoming missile.

Alya, Nino, and Adrien exchanged an awkward look between each other, as the raven haired designer fumed in righteous indignation. Cautiously, Adrien stood and put a hand on Marinettes shoulder. Youre right, he admitted, although his expression looked as pained as though he were pulling a tooth, …although just to be safe, maybe just let Chat Noir and Ladybug handle him, okay?

Who the hell is he talking to?Ladybug wondered, both eyebrows raising.

Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, Weapon X Reject, and all around Asshole, hummed gaily to himself as he fanned through the bloodstained Euros that came from his most recent hit. Some Armenian mob boss that a bunch of Ruskies wanted to send over the fjords shall we put it. Chances were, either the Armenians would come after him or theyd hire him to ex-nay some vodka soak in return. Either way, win-win.

AN: I am truly sorry for this. I just… for some reason my mind keeps overlaying the romantic music from ML with the sax from Careless Whisper (Im not joking, it always slips in there somehow), which makes me think of the Deadpool movie soundtrack, which made me think of red and black superheroes and then one thing led to another and… Yeah, dont ask me how my mind works. Im still trying to figure it out.

…Right after he blew his money on some green fairy, hookers, and chocolate lingerie. If he was getting hunted down for this cash, he may as well make the most of it.

For thelast time-Ladybug started, before she suddenly stopped. …So exactly how did it go with him?

Ahhh~ I love the smell of blood money in the morning~

And thats another thing! the designer chastised, her epic temper beginning to flare. Once she got started, it was almost impossible to talk her down. Just because he has mental problems is no reason to be prejudiced against him! Arent the mentally ill stigmatized enough as it is?

Wh- were not together! Ladybug cried in horror, waving her arms wildly to dismiss the idea. The last thing she needed was for some horrible rumor to spread all throughout the superhero community about her and Chat. I like someone else!

Oh gee, well, ladies mostly, Deadpool replied, but Ive depending on the ass, Ive done plenty of dudes too. Oh and Death and a demoness. And dont ask me what Ive done when Im drunk, but I think there mightve been a chicken once-

Marinette! How dare you strike my beautiful Adriens face! Chloe shrilled from the top of the stairs, jolting the frozen designer out of her stupor. Marinettes face was bright red, looking as though she were ready to pop. Without a word, she tore off across the street, towards her home.

The hero glanced back, which is when he realized that said superhero also happened to be sporting breasts and pigtails. Huh, thats new, Deadpool muttered, scratching his head. However, the Spidey-lookalike only gave him an odd look, before continuing on her way. Hey wait! he called after her, Howd you get girly-fied!

It was a fine morning in Paris. The cobbled streets were empty, dawn just beginning to break over the stone facades. The smell of fresh flowers and baking bread filled the air… Oh, and the stank of the blood soaked into his red and black suit.

Nuh-ah-i-oay! Ee! Oally ine! Deadpool blubbed, waving his hands frantically. Before she did something like- Oh damn it.

Ladybug put a hand to her ear. I have to go, she said, darting towards the edge of the rooftop. Dont do anything! She swung her yo-yo out, catching onto another rooftop across the street.

The cashier whimpered and nodded, eager to get the heavily armed man out of the store as quickly as possible.

You sure? Deadpool pressed. Not even any random letters from an anonymous benefactor? Or a special delivery with your suit? No mysterious adoption letters in your parents attic?

Deadpool! Ladybug barked, at the end of her rope, If youre going to stay, then do something useful and distract her!

Gah!This was going to drive him up the wall until he found out!

With the victim dispatched, Ladybug and Chat Noir were left with one grinning Deadpool on their hands. At least… helookedlike he was grinning. It was really hard to tell with the mask. Understandably, Chat looked wary of the new arrival. Deadpool was more than a little infamous after all. Her partner stood protectively at her side, arms folded over his chest as he glowered at the red and black suited hero. Ladybug sighed in exasperation at his behavior. First her friends, now Chat? Why didnt anyone think she could take care of herself?

Ladybug was unpleasantly surprised to find that Deadpool was still in town. He happily pranced into the street, the next time she and Chat Noir were taking out an akumatized victim so styled Glitter Bomb. Hiya Bug-Muffin! Just passing through! he called, as she and Chat raced across the building facades, doing their best to avoid the glitter missiles. Ooh, sparkly!

It was a smell that he was so used to that he didnt even give it a second thought.

Whoa, easy, easy there, Buggy-nut Milkshake, Deadpool replied, holding his hands up to placate her. Thats easy. You gotta get your dream boy now before its too late. Ya gots ta put a ring on it, single lady.

What the- Whats he doing here?! Chat Noir demanded, as he looked briefly away from the opponent to the red and black suited merc below.

Wait,what?!the blond cried in horror, as Nino took the tablet to read it.

At once, the bloggers entire demeanor changed. Wait, wait, heshere?!she cried, looking on her friend with absolute horror. Mari, you have to stay away from him! That guy is completely psycho!

I thought you just said he was awesome! Marinette protested. Sure, the guy she met wasnt quite… right, but he didnt seem totally off the rails. …Aside from crashing and burning straight into a lamp-post for no good reason.

Something beeped again. It was making him nervous. Okay, soooo, thats not a bomb, right? he asked. Because Ive got some raging flashbacks comin hard right now that are making me both scared and horn-

Sure wont! Deadpool replied cheerfully, fingers crossed behind his back. He waited until she was far gone before he added, …Much.

Ladybug coughed loudly, before the merc said something that would break Chats mind. (She always suspected he might be a little more innocent than he let on. There was no way any of his pick up lines could haveeverworked.) Well, thanks for the help. Youre not…horribleto work with. Her tone did not imply that it was a compliment.

Nino whirled on his best friend at once. What did youdo?!he cried, utterly horrified and incredulous.

Chat let out a small frustrated growl as he looked at his ring, a full three minutes shorter than his ladys time. Torn between protecting her and keeping his identity uncompromised, he looked between the red and black pair for a few seconds longer, before he gave it up. Okay, fine.Call me,he insisted, backing up to head off. Sending off one last dangerous glower at Deadpool, he took off for safety.

As advertised, Deadpool was really good at being distracting. Maybe a little bit too good at it as his…colorfullanguage also made the junior superheroes take pause. Nonetheless, with three sets of superhands on deck, the akuma was purified in near record time.

Marinette spotted this psycho killer hero talking to Ladybug, Alya explained urgently, holding out her tablet to the pair.

The next day, Marinette considered the back of Adriens head long and hard. Try as she might, she couldnt get Deadpools horror story of Spider-Mans love life out of her mind. What if she really did let this go on for too long? What if Adrien moved onto someone else? What if Chat Noir put some kind of permanent claim on her? Oh no! What if Adrien and Chat Noir got into a fight to the death?! She couldnt handle it!

O-oh… okay…? Ladybug said, raising an eyebrow. I mean, Ive heard of him, but Ive never had the pleasure. Her rather telling silence afterwards saidBut Ive never heard ofyou.

Ladybug screamed, her face white with horror, as she covered her mouth with her hands.

Oh god-damn fudge-munkering biscuit cakes!

The Russians agitation was clear in the angry silence. Then… the mobster said in a low, dangerous tone, you had better hope dat Bedrossian find you first, before ve paint streets red vit your bloo-.

Her earrings beeped again. Two minutes left. Yes, but how?!HOW?!she shrieked, beginning to shake him.

Whats Black and Red and Red All Over?

That was so on point it was terrifying. A cold sweat broke out over her, her eyes going as wide as saucers. How did- How do you-! she stammered, her face going as bright red as her suit.How did you know that?!

But- Marinette… Alya objected, before her voice died under her friends withering glare. Ohfine,I guess thats fair. If I happen to see him near Ladybug all bets are off though.

Deadpool + Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Crossover

Hey, wait, waitwait, Deadpool said, raising his hands to flag her back down. Didnt mean to offend you, little lady… bug. Sure, he wasnt going to press the issue. (Even though he knew he was right.) Now though, he wanted to get a bit more information out of her, before he took this back to Spidey back home. If he wasnt going to get any answers out of this girl, hed rather get some proof to shove up into his buds face. Now, Im not in town long, but I wouldnt mind hangin and giving you some pointers to this whole superhero gig. Ive been at this for a looong time.

Well, that was bracing! Deadpool declared, hands folded behind his head. Nothing quite like supernatural glitter bombs. Although I think I got some down my asscrack. Thats gonna be impossible to get out. Thatll be interesting for the next guy that-

Once Chat Noir was noticed, Deadpools masked eyes went wide. Wait, a Black- You have a Black Cat too?! Are you kidding me?! he howled gleefully, spinning around in place as he watched the two miraculous users circle in the area.

Ahhh~ I love the smell of blood and guts in the morning~ Deadpool said, in a rather obvious segway away from Marinettes POV.

Well, he knew this much. The tabloids were going to have an absolute field day with this one.

Before she even had the chance to respond, Chat butted in. Milady, youre notseriouslyconsidering his offer, are you? her black-clad partner demanded, giving her an imploring look. This guy is crazy!

Something flew overhead. An achingly familiar sight, a slender body arcing through the air on a razor-thin thread. Although far more petite than he was used to and in a red and black spotted bodysuit instead of red and blue. Spidey~! Deadpool called, waving his hands over his head. Spidey, whatcha doin in Paris, brah!

The model froze mid-wave, eyes wide as his struck cheek began to pinken. An audible gasp went through the onlookers, while Nino and Alyas jaws dropped to the floor. Adriens neck seemed to creak as he slowly turned to stare at the raven haired designer, literally dumbstruck.

The cashier at the local supermarche stared up at the red and black suited mercenary as he came up to the register, whistling a little diddly, sporting his katanas, guns, and a little handbasket filled with cheese, bread, and wine. As they say, when in Rome…

He was decidedly less concerned. Alya, babe, I dont think hes going to do anything to Marinette of all people, he said as he scrolled through the database entry. dybug might be in a liiiittle bit more trouble though. Adrien snatched the tablet away from his friend, taking his own turn at hurriedly skimming it.

In the abstract! Alya retorted hotly. Doesnt mean hes a good guy to be around! He has legit mental issues, girl! Its not safe to be around him!

Hes immune because hes crazy! Alya cried.

Ladybug twitched. Her mouth bobbed, trying to articulatewhythat was a horrible idea and would never work. However, her earrings beeped again and she had togo,before she gave her most precious secret to a slightly unstable mercenary. I- fine! Dont go stabbing anyone while Im not looking! she called, beating a hasty retreat back to obscurity.

Deadpool comes to Paris for a job, where he has a run in with Ladybug. It goes just about as well as youd expect. Can Ladybug and Chat Noir, or even Paris, survive the merc? [CRACK, Gratuitous Cameos]

But back to the matter at hand. That aint my problem, Deadpool replied as he picked his ear. You never told me that you have a hero that can unzap the dead. Im a pay-per-kill kinda guy, not for services rendered.

Once Adrien was alone (well, as alone as he could be with Plagg in his pocket and the Gorilla driving), his mind worked furiously, trying to figure out why his sweet, shy, adorable classmate would want toslaphim. He must have done something, or at least, she must think that he did something. But what?! What possible reason could she have to- to-

Thats probably for the best, considering.

Aint nothing I havent recovered from before, Deadpool replied, hands on his hips as he cracked his neck with a careless twist of his head. But lets talk about you! he cried, putting a strong hand on her shoulder. Arent you just the cutest-wutliest little thing!LOVEthe colors, he gushed. Say, you wouldnt happen to know my main man, Spidey, would you?

Saywhatnow? What do you mean I didnt kill him? Deadpool demanded. I gave you his head in a basket! It was bleeding all over your desk. I got the gaping hole in my side to…

unleash your imagination

Againstallof her better judgment, her frenzied fantasies began to overtake her. Her whole body broke out into a cold sweat, heart thundering in her chest as the thought of Adrien getting sliced open by Chat Noir played over and over again in her mind. Shehadto do something! Adriens life was at stake! As well as her future love-life!

Oooh! A love triangle! the merc gasped, And the plot thickens! Lemme guess, hes the super popular one at school whos completely out of your league, like an actor or a model, and you act and look like a fool every time you try to talk to him?

Please. Stop. Stop talking, the little lady squeaked, her face going bright red. Oh, she would learn. She would absolutely learn. Something on her ear beeped, and she looked back up to him. Look, I just have two questions. How long are you here and do I need to worry about you?

All in a days work, Bug-muffin, the merc replied. Chats scowl only grew darker. Although if you want any pointers on going really stabby-stabby on them, Ill be happy to show you the ropes. He looked over his shoulder to the empty street and said in a stage whisper, But nothing too graphic. This is still a kids show. Oh, and pardon my French earlier.

No, I meantanything,Ladybug sniped back over her shoulder. With a jump, she swung off into the distance. Off to wherever her little bug lair was probably.

Adrien! Are you alright?! Chloe demanded, whirling him around to inspect his pink cheek. Oh, how could she do this to you! My poor Adrichoue! Here, let me kiss it better! she cooed, her lips puckering up to lean into his face.

Ooh~! My speciality! the merc said, rubbing his hands together. He ran off straight towards the villain to do just that.


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