Watch Bugs Bunny All Cartoons Shows

Watch Bugs Bunny All Cartoons Shows

In addition to the cartoon series, Bugs Bunny has appeared in comics, books, video games and all kinds of media entertainment. Since he is the only cartoon character to achieve all that, the rabbit has earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you are running out of ideas which cartoon to watch, Bugs Bunny is always a great choice.

Black Dynamite (2011-2015 TV Series)

The popularity of Bugs Bunny has exceeded all the expectations and has become the mascot ofWarner Bros production, as well as the biggest icon in America. He firstly appeared in a short cartoon Porkys Hare Hunt in 1938, but is known for starring in short cartoon series by Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil (TV Series)

Bug Bunnys popularity increased further during World War II. In the Bugs Bunny cartoons that were produced during that period, Warner Brothers pitted their characters against Hitler, Mussolini and also the Japanese. The numerous cartoons and the various shows made him one of the most celebrated and loved and legendary cartoon character. For those who torment him, Bugs Bunny may be a slightly cruel character, but basically he is cool, funny and witty.

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Baby Looney Tunes (TV Series 2001-2006)

The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains

Bugs Bunny is a grey rabbit, known for chewing a carrot in his mouth all the time. With a free spirit, a lot of self confidence and sarcastic comments, this rabbit is smart and has no worries. The creators thought that this cartoon will be boring and never an option of people who watch cartoons, because he always wins every battle. For that reason, they included a few enemies and made the cartoon legendary: Duffy Duck, Yosemite Same, Elmer Fudd and the red monster whose task was to bother Bugs Bunny. However, the quick rabbit always finds a way to fool his enemies.

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Watch Bugs Bunny All Cartoons & Shows


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