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1995: Nominated, Best Performance By a Youth Actress as a Guest Star

Morelow budgetand independent films consumed Shaws time until 2006, where she returned to the big screen inAlexandre Ajas remake ofWes Cravenexploitation-horror filmThe Hills Have Eyes, playing a young mother on acampingtrip with her family who is attacked by bloodthirsty mutants in theNew Mexicodesert. Director Aja had wanted to cast her in the film after seeing her performance inEyes Wide Shut. Asked why she wanted to act in a horror film, Shaw responded Well, I guess I could be good in it since Im so frightened of those kinds of concepts. But this one in particular really attracted me because of the filmmakers. I really thought that they had a great stance on it. Like its very different, very heartfelt, and heartbreaking because of the characters involved. So thats kind of what made the difference. It was more of an actors piece, if you can believe that, in a horror movie.[9]Shaw was featured on the official one sheet promotion poster for the film,[10]which was abox-officesuccess.

is an American film actress and model. She has starred in numerous motion pictures since the early 1990s, and her breakout role was inDisney1993Halloween comedy-fantasy hit film(2002), and the 2006 remake ofWes Cravens horror film. She was a supporting cast member in theShowtimedrama, and stars as Dr. Jane Mathis in the 2017 horror thriller

1993: Nominated, Best Young Actress Recurring in a Television Series

American actresses of Mexican descent

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In August 2017, Shaw announced that she and her husband, Kristopher Gifford, are expecting their first child. Shaw gave birth to their son named Jack on February 20, 2018.[13]

She attendedBarnard CollegeinNew York Cityat age eighteen, but dropped out to continue pursuing acting.[7]Shaw was attending the college when she was approached byStanley Kubrickfor her role inEyes Wide Shut.

Vinessa was in the 2007 remake of the classicWestern film3:10 to YumawithRussell CroweandChristian Bale, the indie drama filmGarden Party, as well having a leading role inTwo LoversalongsideJoaquin PhoenixandGwyneth Paltrow. That film premiered at theCannes Film Festivalin 2008 and was released theatrically in February 2009.

In 1999, she was cast in a small yet significant role by filmmakerStanley Kubrick, in his final filmEyes Wide Shut, playing anHIV-positive prostitute who is encountered byTom Cruises character. In a 2008 interview, Shaw stated that Kubrick was very influential to her and that he was the first person who encouraged her to continue acting.[8]Following her role inEyes Wide Shut, Vinessa played parts in a handful of films including the independent 2000 mystery-dramaThe Weight of WaterwithSarah PolleyandSean Penn; the slapstick comedyCorky RomanoalongsideChris Kattan; the romantic comedy40 Days and 40 Nights, playing the feisty ex-girlfriend ofJosh Hartnetts character; and a very small role inWoody AllensMelinda and Melinda.

Vinessa E. Shaw, Born 07/19/1976 in California.

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The Vanities Girls. Vanity Fair. January 12, 2009

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Shaw was raised a Buddhist.[5]She embracedNichiren Buddhistphilosophy as a member of theSoka Gakkai Internationalduring her first year attending college in 1996: I was lonely and depressed, and I had so many questions about life. I called my dad every night crying, saying that I wanted to go home.[7]As a core practice of Nichiren Buddhism, Shaw chantsdaimokudaily,[11]and is also a facilitator of theSGI-USAlay Buddhist Association for Peace, Culture, and Education.[12]

1993: Nominated, Best Young Actress Co-starring in a Motion Picture

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Vinessa Shaw: Buddhism My Favorite Gosho.

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Juneau, Jen (August 15, 2017).Vinessa Shaw Expecting First Child. People

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1994: Nominated, Best Youth Actress Leading Role in a Motion Picture Comedy

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In 2013 she had a supporting role oppositeJude Laws character, playing his wife inSide Effects.

Vinessa Shaw

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Vinessa Elizabeth Shaw was born on July 19, 1976, inLos AngelesCalifornia, the daughter of Larry Shaw and actressSusan Damante.[2][3]Her familys original surname was Schwartz, and her ancestry includes Russian Jewish (from her paternal grandfather), Italian (from her maternal grandfather), German, Irish, English, Mexican, and Swedish.[4][5]Her name,Vinessa, spelled with an i rather than the common a, was a variation of her grandfathers name, Vincent. Shaw made her first formal performance in aUCLAacting campshortat age 10, and subsequently toured with childrensfolksingerPeter Alsopat age 11. She also signed on with theElite Modelsagency in 1989 at the age of 13 before beginning her acting career,[6]and did a few modeling jobs and commercial work throughout her earlier career.

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. 7 March 2006. (retrieved 29 June 2009)

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1995: Nominated, Best Performance by a Youth Actress in a Drama Series

Combustible Celluloid interview: Vinessa Shawby Jeffrey M. Anderson. (retrieved 30 June 2009).

IMP Awards Posters, 2006: The Hills Have Eyes

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Shaw had made her film debut in a little-known-of 1981 slasher film calledHome Sweet Home, which dealt with a serial killer at Thanksgiving time. She then landed parts in a handful of television roles. She played a considerably large role in Disneys 1993Halloweenfamily filmHocus PocusalongsideBette MidlerSarah Jessica ParkerKathy NajimyOmri Katz, and a youngThora Birch. Shaw completed roles in variousindependent filmsfor the remainder of the 1990s.

1993: Nominated, Outstanding Young Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture

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