Venoms Tom Hardy Clears Up What He Meant By Cuts From The Movie

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Hardy clarifies his comments about the footage cut from Venom: Everything I want is in it. And /IyOEo9oNmd

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Venoms Tom Hardy Clears Up What He Meant By Cuts From The Movie

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Hardy also recently commented on the movieslack of Spider-Man, saying that finding a way to make the character look iconic and familiar without the spider logo was the most challenging part.Venomopens in theaters October 5.

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I think thats been misunderstood, Hardy toldIGN. The question was whether is there any scenes I was most excited to shoot, and I was like, theres a bunch of stuff that hasnt made the movie. Im talking as an actor. What Im saying is I had a lot of time improvising and a lot of freedom to play with Venom. So in honesty theres probably about seven hours or more of me playing as Venom and enjoying myself.

Me and the other executive producers know full well it has nothing to do with whats in that story. Nevertheless, would I like to watch a seven-hour version ofVenom? Yeah! But the truth is everything we want is in the story, everything I want is in the story, and more. The film is awesome, Im excited, and I just want to shoot a sequel. Bottom line: dont get it twisted. As an actor, what we love doing, not everything is going to make it.

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We are Venom, and we would like to retract some recent statements.

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Tom Hardy made waves recently surroundingVenomwhen he mentioned that some of his favorite scenesdidnt make the cut. That led to some raised eyebrows about what exactly may have gone missing from the final feature film–read ourVenom reviewfor our thoughts–but he recently took a moment to clarify his point, which was more about his favorite improvisations than any real story content.


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