Venom Movie Reviews Roundup What Do The Critics Think?

Venomalmost gets away with its nonsensical plot in the end thanks to that Eddie and Venom bromance, but then youre reminded of the major missed opportunity here–more than once, actually.Venomshould have been a quality start to Sonys own Marvel franchise. This, however, is a film that doesnt earn it and the multiple reminders from the studio saying, Hey, dont forget we want to make more of these, only makes it worse. –Perri Nemiroff [Full review]

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Can Tom Hardy play comedy–intentionally? The question remains worryingly unanswered in this clumsy, monolithic and fantastically boring superhero movie-slash-entertainment-franchise-iteration. The supposedly massive final showdown is so anticlimactic and pointless that it was only when it was followed by Hardy ruminatively sipping coffee on a stoop and chatting that I realised that was it. That was the big finish. –Peter Bradshaw[Full review]

The tragedy ofVenomis that there are not infrequent flashes of a better film beneath. Inconsistent characterisation aside (is the alien a ruthless killer or Eddies ally?), the interplay between the symbiote and its host is sometimes incredibly funny, delivering some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. But the movie refuses to choose a tone and stick to it, flip-flopping instead from serious to silly throughout. Had Fleischer committed to the horror-comedy elements of his film,Venommight have been a solidly enjoyable superhero flick. –Hugh Armitage[Full review]

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Venomhas all the ingredients of a decent superhero movie–10 or 15 years ago. With spotty CGI, poorly drawn characters, tonal inconsistency including forced edginess and awkward humor, sidelined female characters, and even cringeworthy licensed musical cues, it feels like a relic from the distant, pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe past. That may in part be attributed to the fact that its been in production in one form or another since at least 2008. But its problems go way past simply being old school, and ultimately,Venomlacks the charm, clarity, and ambition superhero fans have come to expect. –Michael Rougeau[Full review]

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With the release ofVenomfinally upon us, the reviews are in. The movie is the first of Sonys planned Spider-Man spin-offs based on heroes and villains from Spideys Marvel comic books. While a deal between Sony and Marvel allows the wallcrawler to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony still holds the big screen rights to Spider-Man and associated characters, so ifVenomis a hit, we can expectplenty more moviesin a new connected Spidey universe.

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As much a body-horror thriller as it is a comic-book movie,Venomis also akin to a buddy comedy in which one of the buddies has to prevent the other from wantonly biting peoples heads off. If that sounds ridiculous, it is–butVenomboth knows it and leans into it, playing up the dark humor until its pitch black. Not all of Eddie and Venoms exchanges land as intended, but those that do are genuinely funny; over time, their relationship even becomes endearing in its own way, which comes as such a pleasant surprise its almost enough to recommend the movie on its own. –Matthew Nordine[Full review]

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Heres what the critics thought of the new Spider-Man spin-off, which hits theaters this week.

This is epically, fantastically weird stuff. The only thing stopping this movie from becoming an immediate cult classic is that it takes nearly an hour for Tom Hardy to go full Venom. If theyd trimmed 15 minutes out of this thing, cut right to the chase, and just piled on the Hardy,Venomwould be unmissable. Once Tom Hardy bonds with this alien symbiote, and this goo begins to talk to him as a gravelly voice in his head (also performed by Hardy), Venom suddenly becomes hilarious. –Matt Singer[Full review]

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The pervasive lack imagination of this film under the auspices of director Ruben Fleischer, in his first feature outing since the dreadfulGangster Squadin 2013, makes one appreciate the thought and care that Marvel has lavished not only on the likes ofBlack PantherandCaptain Americabut even on more minor-league entries such as the amusing Ant-Man titles. Everything here seems by-the-book, without amusement or surprise, save for Stan Lees more extensive-than-usual last-minute cameo. –Todd McCarthy[Full review]

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Venom Movie Reviews Roundup: What Do The Critics Think?

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The film stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a reporter who is taken over by a dangerous alien symbiote, and the cast also features Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, and Woody Harrelson. Its directed by Ruben Fleischer, who previously helmed the hit horror comedyZombieland.Venoms currentRotten Tomatoes scorestands at 27%, whileMetacritichas the movie at 33%, neither of which are exactly high. But as weve seen many times before–most notably with the DC universe–a poor critical response doesnt mean a commercial failure, and box office predictions forVenomare good. So lets take a look at the reviews…

The first act ofVenomsuggests were in for one of the worst films of 2018. Not in a fun way, mind you, but in that dull, dispiriting way where the lack of effort starts to feel like disrespect. Then Venom gets his man and a movie that initially seemed just-plain-bad becomes so-bad-its-good. Or maybe its just plain good. Its been a full day since Ive seen it, and honestly, Im still not sure. Either way, I laughed a lot. –Angie Han[Full review]

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Its no Infinity War, but Venom delivers flashes of Saturday night silliness when the unhinged human-alien two-hander are onscreen. Like Eddie Brock himself, the movie is fairly unexciting until the bad guy pops out. –Richard Trenholm[Full review]


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