Venom Debuts New Footage At SDCC Teases Spider-Man Crossover At Comic-Con

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However, moderator Jessica Chobot got one more small tease for fans, asking Fleischer and Hardy whether this cinematic incarnation will ever face off with Spider-Man, knowing thats what fans really want.

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Another Symbiote appeared in the footage as well, and director Ruben Fleischer explained afterward that as fans suspected, it was Riot–an adversary of Venoms who is a stronger and more powerful Symbiote. He also has the ability to jump between hosts. In our movie, you never know quite where Riots going to turn up, Fleischer said.

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Ahmed said during the panel that Carlton Drake is a genius billionaire inventor who is trying to answer the question of what does the future of humanity look like with the Earth on the brink of ecological collapse.

What, me? Go toe-to-toe with Tom Holland? Ill have a go, yeah, Hardy added. Hes an awesome actor and Id love to work with him, and I love Spider-Man. Who knows?

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Venom Debuts New Footage At SDCC, Teases Spider-Man Crossover At Comic-Con

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Venom vs. Spider-Man? Stranger things have happened.

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The footage showed Riz Ahmeds character, Dr. Carlton Drake, demonstrating the Symbiotes effect on an unwilling patient/victim. Hes intent on forcing humanity to evolve. In another scene, Eddie races down the street on a motorcycle while the Symbiote erupts from his body, attacking nearby cars. Eddie speaks to the Symbiote, which can project words directly into Eddies mind, or appear as a CGVenomhead protruding from Eddies body. In another scene, the two appear to have melded and reached some sort of balance; the Symbiote face peels partially away from Eddies, and the two proclaim together, We are Venom.

In the clip, Tom Hardys character Eddie Brock struggles to get the Symbiote under his control. He tries meditating, but theres footage of more violent scenes interspersed as he attempts to clear his mind. You cannot change the past. But in the present moment, you are in total control, a voiceover says, but clearly thats not the case.

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Venom Debuts New Footage, Teases Spider-Man Crossover

Fans were expecting a little bit more, but Fleischer only teased that there may or may not be other villains in the movie, saying he didnt want to give too much away.

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During the Sony movies panel in San Diego Comic-Cons Hall H, Tom Hardy saidVenomwill stick closely to the storyline in the Lethal Protector comics. [Eddie] is an anti-hero, so hell figure on a goal, and hell do whatever he has to do to get to that goal, he said. Earlier at SDCC, Hardy revealedwhy he took the role.

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AVenommovie without Spider-Man seems like a dicy gamble, but the footage Sony debuted exclusively duringComic-Con 2018had fans excited nonetheless. It didnt hurt that they teased an eventual crossover with Tom Hollands Spider-Man, although it didnt sound like something that will happen any time soon.

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I have to think that the studios thinking the same way and that at some point down the road theyre going to run into each others paths, Fleischer said.

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