Twitter Hates James Camerons Alita Battle Angel Movie Trailer

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In the wake of that Alita: Battle Angel trailer, seems like a good time to collectively remember this iconic demon /ORAaHeXwZC

In the movie, Alita is portrayed as having giant eyes in a normal-sized head. While big eyes are a trademark of many manga and anime classics, it looks downright strange in a live-action film populated with live-action human beings. The eyes and the digital work done to the characters face make her look animated.

Alita: Battle Angel trailer: Nope. Nuh-uh. No thank you, goodbye. I want no part of that Black Hole Sun video uncanny valley ish.

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Maybe the big eyes were a bad choice.

Alita: Battle Angel – Official Trailer

Not all hope is lost, though. This is just the movies first trailer.Alita: Battle Angeldoesnt hit theaters until July 20, leaving plenty of time to change public perception. In the meantime, take a look at more of our favorite tweets about the trailer below.

I just saw the trailer for Alita: Battle Angel and Im just like…

ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL attempts to give its IRL anime eyes and its the kookiest looking thing

ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL looks *horrible*. Someone forgot to tell Robert Rodriguez that faces shouldnt look like anime faces in real life.

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The first trailer forAlita: Battle Angelhas arrived, and the reaction its receiving surely cant be what everyone involved was hoping for. Rosa Salazar portrays the titular Alita, a cyborg warrior. While, for the most part, the trailer seems to be a decent adaptation of the source material, there is one major thing that doesnt fit in with the rest of the movie.

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Its just a little too difficult to look past those giant eyes in the first trailer, which is a shame. A Robert Rodriguez movie that boasts a cast includingChristoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali, Jennifer Connelly, and Ed Skrein, just to name a few, should be pretty amazing.

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It took almost no time for many to jump to Twitter, comparing the trailer to everything fromWho Framed Roger Rabbit?to cult classicET: The Extra-Terrestrialrip-offMac and Meto the baby inTwilight: New Moon – Part 2. The movie attempts to give its IRL anime eyes and its the kookiest looking thing, one user says.

I would have chosen the dog filter for ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL, but thats just me.

Alita: Battle Angel (2018)

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James Cameron has been been trying to get anadaptation of theBattle Angel Alitamangamade since as far back as 2000. At one point, he even said he intended to direct it. Fast forward to current day and the movie finally exists, with Cameron as a producer andRobert Rodriguez directing.

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behind the scenes snapshot of alita: battle

i think we all know where alita battle angel is m/zGyKrYb2ox

Twitter Hates James Camerons Alita: Battle Angel Movie Trailer

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