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Unless you listen to the directors DVD commentary.

Fourth Date Marriage: A dark variation. Agnes

Love Makes You Crazy: Or extreme loneliness, for that matter.

Insane Equals Violent: Peter is this, to himself and others.

Never Trust a Trailer: Its nothing like the

(For other uses of the term Bug,see the disambiguation page)

Riddle For The Ages: Are the phone calls real? If they are, whos calling?

The Tooth Hurts: Peter uses a pair of pliers to rip out his molars filling which he believes is where the egg sac is. Boy, it sure isnt pretty to see tons of blood pouring out of his mouth like that while screaming in great pain. Regardless, Peter and Agnes both end up seeing the bugs in the tooth under the microscope.

Agnes feels this way about not running away from her abusive ex with her son before her son was kidnapped.

Corrupt The Cutie: What Peter does to Agnes. Agnes goes from a lonely, vulnerable woman to a tinfoil plastering suicidal conspiracy theorist.

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It centers around Agnes, an extremely lonely woman living in an Oklahoma motel room after the breakup of her marriage. A friend introduces her to Peter, who is similarly lonely, and the two startenjoying each others company. The two open up to each other and then…well…

Through the Eyes of Madness: Everything in the film might be really happening. Or the characters could be heavy crystal meth users and were seeing their delusions. Or Peter may be clinically insane and dragging Agnes into hell. Youll never know.

after only knowing him a few weeks.

An intriguing example of folie deux.Maybe.Not to be confused with the 1975William Castle-produced film about mutant cockroaches.

Bugis a 2006Psychological Horrorfilm based on a play by Tracy Letts, directed byWilliam Friedkinand starringAshley JuddandMichael Shannon.

Sanity Slippage: Basically the plot of the movie.

One theory is its Agnes estranged son.

Agnes and Peter areDriven to Suicidebefore the motel has time to evict them for non-payment, so

Extremely Short Timespan: Though its not clear how much time passes in the film,

Agnes and Peter use this type of reasoning to conclude how the bugs came to be andthe only way to stop them.

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Dark and Troubled Past: Agnes is divorced from a realJerkass- whos in prison at the start of the movie and shows up to threaten her – and her son was stolen from a supermarket cart while she was shopping. Her overwhelming guilt and sadness leave her receptive to Peters peculiar charisma.

Mind Control Conspiracy: According to Peter, this is why he is on the run.

Shell-Shocked Veteran: Peter claims to be this. It may even be true.

Psycho Supporter: Agnes. Peter isnt her first one, either.

Agnes and Peter kill themselves by setting themselves

Room Full of Crazy: The motel room slowly turns into one.

rejects her best friend, declares that Peter is the only thing she has, and kills herself with Peter

Genre Busting: The film would normally be considered a psychological drama or thriller while the studio promoted it as straight-up horror and the director considers it a dark romantic comedy. Maybe its left up to the viewer.

movies. Its more psychological than that.

it cant cover a period of more than a couple weeks.


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