Treating a TV for bed bugs or any electronics

Based on experts like Jeff White (video below), your TV is likely not infested and can be left alone. Id be more wary if youre moving with an unresolved infestation.

Im questioing you (respectfully, as a concerned non-expert) because I suspect that most people will probably not go with Vikane of belongings. But reading your post, theyll infer that treatment is necessary, leading them to choose improvised approaches that put their belongings, their homes or themselves at risk (or, sacrificing their belongings).

A growing number of experts appear to be saying no.

I felt it was important to share the information about the safety and effectiveness of Vikane for items such as electronics, etc as mentioned in the original post so consumers are aware that the option is available.

Besides, I suspect the local fumigation market lacks the capacity and agility for a massive rapid expansion, if everyone with bb suddenly decided they needed to vikane their tv.

@sleep tight. Of course Vikanecanbe used to effectively treat items that cant handle chemicals, dusts or heat

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I need to know.. do I have BedBugs again?..

Vikane completely dissipates to leave no surface residue, odor or film behind. Household items, including clothes, linens, dishes, cooking utensils and toys do not need to be washed after the fumigation. Vikane doesnt damage electronics, antiques or sensitive fabrics which makes it a viable option in conjunction with the treatment of your apartment. It is an option you may want to consider.

Is it best to pack these, throw them away, or just use pesticides around them, so the bugs have to cross over a pesticide to get their meal? If you should treat around electronics. How should one do this, spray a pesticide barrier around the electronics? If so, what pesticide should be used and how?

TheMichigan Guidemight have some tips. But Im going to guess that if the majority of your home is already treated, ie, the bed and sitting areas, you can probably leave the electronics alone. You should definitely not apply anytthing to them and should probably avolid dust near them, so as not to risk damaging them. But Im not an expert.

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Cilecto, thank you for the input to allow me to provide clarification that this information was not intended to infer in any way that Vikane treatment is necessary in every case to eliminate bed bugs or that it can be used in lieu of traditional pest control treatment in a multi unit scenario. In fact, in a multi unit dwelling it is only effective when used in conjunction with traditional pest control treatments otherwise it wouldnt make sense. In most cases the pest control professional will make the recommendation if/when it may be necessary.

Treating a TV for bed bugs. or any electronics.

Once the fumigant has been held in place long enough to ensure control, it is released. (This is done under containment outside of your apartment).

I found bed bugs twice before, once in some books, and once behind a poster.

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So many poeple say that electronics are homes for bed bugs. Since Ive had such a hard time of finding them, im guessing my ps3, controllers, pc keyboard, cell phone and remote are all infected a little.

but (except in cases of moving or heavy infestations),is treatment necessary?

It is not necessary to get rid of your TV or any electronics. Bed bugs may hide during the day in televisions, computers, remote controls or other sensitive electronics that cannot be treated with steam, heat or insecticides without risking damage. These items can be treated effectively however in conjunction with traditional pest control treatment with Vikane gas fumigant which eliminates the need to search for and repeatedly treat the many hiding places. Vikane finds the bed bugs by penetrating into all cracks, crevices and other spaces in furniture and any other hiding places yes, even into sensitive electronics.

I can afford phantom, and demand CS. I can spray so that when they exit the tv, they will encounter pesticide. This is what I am asking about more than anything. How to spray around computers and tvs.


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