Tom and Jerry The Movie

Weve got to have…. moooonneeeeeyyyyy!

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4. Tony Jay as Lickboot the Lawyer is probably the only TRUE saving grace of this film… even if it doesnt say much. Its like he thinks hes every anime, video game, movie, and television company combined, these days; the only real statement being this: Weve GOT to have… MONEEEY!

said at 5:16 AM on Sat Dec 27 20141 Shout Out!@OptimusSolo He has a point, though. I made a suggestion on the Teen Titans Go! page but it keeps getting deleted everytime I post it and its really annoying.ReplyWhy Is This One Of Your Favorites?- Share your reason with the rest of the community.

said at 1:36 PM on Tue Aug 8 2017@HienFan – I think it depends on which ones.

1. Although Tom and Jerry being able to speak wasnt much of a bad thing, I hate the fact that they sound nothing like I would imagine them to be. Toms a bit close, on the other hand. IMO, Jerry should sound a little more intelligent and refined. I have to admit, however, that Dana Hill (also the voice for Max Goof) didnt really deserve to die. R.I.P.

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2. The film doesnt exactly focus on our dynamic duo, as the title is being shown. It more or less has to do with Robyn, the female protagonist who, like with a bunch of characters, has nothing to do with Tom and Jerry.

said at 9:11 AM on Sun Feb 12 20124 Shout Outs!My God, this movie literally destroyed Tom and Jerry for me.

3. Slapstick may be involved here, but its very little and also, to some extent, not exactly funny in any way. The closest to slapstick humor youll be getting throughout this entire film is during the beginning, Ferdinand (a fat dog on a skateboard who I assume escaped from the asylum), and the actual ending of the movie. Take a look at a few Tom and Jerry shorts and compare them to what the film has to offer, if you ever feel like it.

Tom and Jerry The Movie


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