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I am sitting in the car, the window rolled down, and hundreds of people have gathered around.  After taking a walk, which itself cuts through throngs while attracting fellow walkers, I taped a video diary for Sky News, that mesmerized people.  They were so quiet, watching, it was quietest I ever heard the camp.  I []

Walking through the camp, there is a sudden crash at a low bamboo gate.  Very small children are inside the courtyard and others outside are straining. From somewhere more deep within, that I cannot see, the littlest of children  are apparently being handed styrofoam containers held together with a single rubber band.  Food.  Food distribution []

Every now and then it hits me, abruptly, that I am looking into the eyes of a Rohingya, that I am living the news with them, survivors of an active ethnic cleansing.  Its stunning to realize I am beholding the eyes of one of the worlds most complex humanitarian crisis, an old story of ghastly []

The Official Website of Ashley Judd


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