The Next James Bond Movies New Director Confirmed

Boyle left the Bond film in late August due to creative differences. Hesigned on in Mayand the film was set to use the script he had written with his regular scriptwriting partner John Hodge. With Boyle no longer attached it is unknown whether the movie will his script, and it is possible that the producers might return to veteran Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who had been initially attached to the project.

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The next James Bond movie–known for now as Bond 25–has a new director. Following thedeparture of Danny Boylelast month, it has been confirmed thatTrue Detectives Cary Fukunaga will helm the 25th movie in the long-running series, which hits theaters in 2020.

Fukunaga is best known for directing the entirety of the hugely popular first season of HBOsTrue Detective. He also directed the acclaimed movieBeasts of No Nationand the Mexico-set thrillerSin Nombre, plus the new Netflix seriesManiac, which arrives on the service this week.

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As reported byVariety, Fukunaga will start shooting the currently-untitled Bond movie in March. The film was originally set to start production later this year, with the release date set for December 2019. However, following weeks of uncertainty over who would helm the movie after Boyles exit, it has been confirmed that it willnow arrive on February 14, 2020.

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Daniel Craig is set to play the iconic British superspy for the fifth time. There had been much speculation about whether he would return as 007 after 2015sSpectre, particularly as Craig himself didnt seemvery keen on the idea. However, heconfirmedwill play Bond again in August last year.

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The Next James Bond Movies New Director Confirmed

The Bond series remains a hugely popular franchise. Craigs first movie, 2006sCasino Royaletook in almost $600 million worldwide andSpectremade $880 million. The biggest success from Craigs run was 2012sSkyfallwhich grossed $1.1 billion across the globe.

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GS News Update: James Bond Star Reportedly Offered $150 Million For Two More 007 Movies

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