The New Joker Movie In Talks With Deadpool 2 Actress

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The new Joker movie with Phoenix is separate fromthe other one starring Jared Leto as the Clown Prince of Crime. Phoenixs movie will reportedly have no impact on Letos portrayal of The Joker in future movies–includingSuicide Squad 2and his film.

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Zazie Beetz from Deadpool 2 and Atlanta could be joining the Joker origin movie.

Thats all the information we have to go on at the moment, and its unclear how far along the talks are between Beetz and Warner Bros. So far, Beetz is the only other cast member besides Phoenix–who is playing the Joker–for the upcoming movie.

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Phoenix previously spoke aboutwhy he was attracted to the project. …I always felt, like, there were characters in comics that were really interesting and deserve the opportunity to be kind of studied, he said. And so I think thats what Todd sees appealing about this idea.

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According to a previous report,Jokerhas a budget of only around $55 million. The film will apparently be more experimental in tone and content, likened to acrime drama.

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Jokeris being directed byThe Hangoverseries director Todd Phillips. Phillips is writing the script alongside Scott Silver, who wrote for the Oscar-winning moviesThe Fighterand8 Mile.

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The New Joker Movie In Talks With Deadpool 2 Actress

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Just a day after Warner Bros. announced that the new Joker origin movie starring Joaquin Phoenix wouldhit theatres in October 2019, a big piece of casting news has now been revealed.Deadpool 2andAtlantastar Zazie Beetz is in talks to joinJoker,according to The Hollywood Reporter. Should Beetz sign on for the movie, she will reportedly play a single mother who catches the interest of the man who goes on to become the Joker.

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