The Butterfly Song

The Butterfly Song

is an acoustic song thatAlly Dawsonwrote in kindergarten. It was originally featured in the episodeBloggers & Butterflies. This was the first song she had ever written, and was the song that made her decide she wanted to become a songwriter.Allywrote this song for the spring pageant, because the theme was insects.Tillyhated this song because she wrote The Ladybug Song, which didnt win.Austinlater performed the song at the Mall of Miami, when arch-enemyTillytried to make her sing the song in a failed attempt to use her stage fright against her for revenge. Most of the lyrics to the song were not shown when Little Ally performed the song.

Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) – The Butterfly Song

SongbyRoss LynchasAustin MoonandLaura MaranoasAlly Dawson

Austin & Ally: Take It From the Top

Off screen, the song was written byHeath SeifertandKevin Kopelow.

Im looking for either karaoke or piano sheet music for Austin and Ally s The Butterfly Song.

This is the second timeAllysang on the show. The first time was in the first episodeRockers & Writers, where she sangDouble Takeon her piano.

Ally unconditionally won the challenge because of Tillys meltdown on stage.

Grand Openings & Great Expectations

SongsSeason 1 SongsPerformed by Austin Moon,

LittleAlly Dawsonperforming the Butterfly Song

This song appears for the second time inMagazines & Made-Up Stuffsung byAustin MoonAustinsang this song toMegan Simmsabout a hundred times (most of them off-screen).

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This song was sung by two people:Lauren Bolesas a young Ally Dawson, andRoss LynchasAustin Moon.

This song (along withTrash TalkaandYou Dont See Me) is one of the few songs inSeason 1not on theAustin & Ally Soundtrack.

Im looking for either karaoke or piano sheet music for Austin and Ally s The Butterfly Song for my 6 year old neice.  …

Allywrote this song in kindergarten when she was only five years old.

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This song madeAllyrealize she wanted to be a songwriter.

This is the first songAllyever wrote, so she finds it special.

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