The Appaloosa

The 2008Appaloosafilm (starringEd HarrisandViggo Mortensen) is not related to this film, although it has a similar title.

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) is a 1966 American(set in the 1870s) fromUniversal PicturesstarringMarlon BrandoAnjanette ComerandJohn Saxon, who was nominated for aGolden Globefor Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of a Mexican bandit. The film was directed bySidney J. Furie, and shot in California, Utah, and Arizona.

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Matt begins to hunt down the bandit to recapture the horse, but finds matters more complicated than expected when he meets the girlfriend of the bandit. Fletcher is subjected to torture and humiliation by Chuy and his minions. A later foray into Medinas camp results in a brutalarm wrestlingmatch in a bar between Fletcher and the bandito. Fletcher loses and is stung on the arm by ascorpion. Again left to die, Fletcher is rescued by Trini, who despises her lover, Chuy, and prefers Fletchers company. She gets him assistance from a kindly old peasant, which later costs the old man his life. During the violence-laden climax, Fletcher is forced to choose between Trini and his beloved Appaloosa. Matt, realizing that Trini means more to him than the horse, sends out the Appaloosa to draw Chuys fire. As the bandit prepares to aim for the horse, sunlight glints on his gun barrel, revealing his position. Matt fires and kills him. Matt and Trini then cross the border with the Appaloosa to start a new life.4

(1st ed.). Layton, Utah: Gibbs Smith.ISBN74.

The film was shot in shot inWrightwoodAntelope Valley, andLake Los AngelesCaliforniaSt. George, Utah, andColorado City, Arizona.5Parts of the film were also shot inHurricaneand at theVirgin RiverinUtah.6

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Based on the 1963 book by Robert MacLeod,2the title character is a beautiful horse (a breed, theAppaloosa) belonging to Matt Fletcher (Marlon Brando), a Mexican-American buffalo hunter who returns home only to have his beloved horse stolen by a powerful bandit, Chuy Medina (John Saxon) with the help of the bandits girlfriend, Trini (Anjanette Comer) in the border town of Ojo Prieto. Trini was sold to Chuy at the age of 15, but has been brutalized and effectively discarded.3

The Appaloosa


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