Subtitles for YIFY movie The Love Bug (1968) 1080p

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A race car driver becomes a champion with a Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own.

Dean Jones plays a race car driver who meets a pretty young woman (Michelle Lee) he sees working in the window at a fancy car dealership. He pretends to be interested in a car, but the dealer has nothing he can afford. Well, actually, thats not true. There is one little Volkswagen Beetle that was purchased by a woman who also bought a Bentley. She bought it for her maid but brought it back because the car misbehaved. Jones isnt interested in the car, but it follows him home. Cops show up at his place accusing him of stealing the car, which of course he didnt. Jones blames the sleazy car dealer for this, and for the strange behavior the car exhibits when he tries to drive it. The car has a mind of its own, and its special qualities make it good for racing. A romance develops between Jones and Lee when Lee tries to convince Jones the car is normal but soon finds out the truth. Lee cant stand Jones at first, of course.

Subtitles for YIFY movie The Love Bug (1968) 1080p

Dean Jones, Michele Lee, David Tomlinson, Buddy Hackett

Subtitles for YIFY movie The Love Bug (1968) 1080p

Soon Jim, Herbie and Tennessee are winning races and Jims ego inflates while Thorndykes temper grows since he too races and loses every time to Herbie. Thorndyke decides to sabotage the little car and when he succeeds, Jim turns his back on Herbie. Once Jim realizes HE hasnt being winning the races he tries to find Herbie who has since run off. Herbie gets impounded after an accident and Jim must sell him to a Chinese man who agrees to let Jim drive Herbie in a big race. If Jim wins, he gets to buy Herbie back for a buck. Needless to say, Thorndyke once again sabotages Herbie,but hey, this is Disney. Who do YOU think wins out at the end?

I find Volkswagen Beetles to be interesting looking cars. So see this movie, I think youll like it! -sourceBest of the series5/10

I had to give this movie a 10 because it has so much going for it. Comedy, some drama, romance. We know very little about Jim Douglas except when Tennessee describes him as down on his luck, angry, and one who was prone to getting into trouble. Jones did an excellent job as the cocky, angry, egotistical driver who is knocked down a few pegs by his friends and a little car. The character mirrored Jones back then, who admits in his biography that he was a dirt bike racing nut prone to losing his temper quite a bit and having an affinity for women other than his wife. Michelle Lee is grand but we dont see much of her and Hackett plays the sincere bit amazingly well especially when he tells Jim that he was nothing without Herbie. For comedic relief David Tomlinson was terrific as was his assistant Havershaw(Joe Flynn of McHales Navy fame).

Yes there are some over the top, goofy and somewhat embarrassing sight gags and a few interesting moments(i.e. Carol thinking Jim has ulterior motives when Herbie brings them to a make-out point, i.e. when Herbie tries to kill itself, and when Jim finally admits to Carol that hes just a bum), but the film has heart, like Herbie. The film had three more sequels, a five part TV miniseries, a re-make in 1998(or so) and theres a new film coming out. Jones only did Love Bug, Monte Carlo(film 3), the miniseries and made a pathetic appearance in the 1998 film. In each one, Jones was still down on his luck but nothing like the sad figure he portrayed in Love Bug. Great classic film, filled with 60s nostalgia.sourceFun and occasionally sad live-action cartoon5/10

[MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS] Jim Douglas is a race car driver who isnt having much luck in racing. He always gets into accidents. He goes to stay with his spiritual friend, Tennessee. Next day he goes to a local car store that sells European Imports, but what caught Jims attention were two beautiful legs, belonging to Miss Bennett, who was hanging signs on the window. Jim meets the owner, Peter Thorndyke, a greedy and a not-nice man (played by David Tomlinson, whos a vetera Disney actor). As Jim leaves, he notices a Volkswagen Beetle (after it bumps his leg).

vandalism. To Mr. Woos Fish Market, but Mr. Woo offers to sponser Jim and the car in the El Dorado race because he learns the car can become his. So Jim, with the aid of Carol and Tennessee, enters the race. So does Thorndyke, and cheats! But the next day, its Thorndyke whos left in the dust and Herbie wins first–and third place! Because he literally went to pieces! A happy ending! Its followed by three sequels. Dean Jones reprises his role as Jim Douglas in the third one: Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo. There was also a TV series and a TV movie. Yes the little Volkswagen has become a classic! I personally like this movie!!

The Love Bug is one of my favorite Disney movies. A movie about a car with a mind of its own, a vw beetle with a heart, how could you not love a movie like that. Among all the great characters are the evil Peter Thorndyke, the beautiful Carole, the down on his luck driver Jim Douglas and the best one of the bunch Buddy Hackett as the wonderfully eccentric Tennessee Steinmetz, Tennessee has a Buddhist soul and does not discount the car as being alive. Love Bug is funny, sad and has scenes that will leave you to tears, you will laugh and shake your head. RIP Buddy wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsourceHerbie, the little VW with a mind of its own10/10This is a true Disney Classic, in fact Walt Disney had a hand in developing the story but, sad to say, never lived to see it hit the big screen. In the film, we learn rather quickly that race car driver Jim Douglas(Dean Jones) has hit rock bottom after being a prominent race car driver(what caused his demise? its not explained but it appears that he got into quite a few bang ups). He lives with a Buddhist named Tennessee Steinmetz(Buddy Hackett)who finds a soul in everything.

subtitle The.Love.Bug.1968.1080p.720p.BluRay.x264.[YTS.AG]

What if things really do have an inner life? What if the machines we take for granted as being under our control have an essence, a life force, a soul that needs only to be cultivated to be brought out into the open?

subtitle The.Love.Bug.1968.1080p.BluRay.x264

He also notices that same car in his front yard the next day. Everyone claims he stole it but he knows he didnt, so he purchases it and finds theres something different about it. Like, he wants to go one way and it wants to go the other. It also has cheeky ideas, like when Miss Bennet and Jim go for a ride in it to prove its normal, it stops them at Seabreeze Point. Tennesse believes the car is special. He names it Herbie, after his Uncle Herb. Jim enters the little car in races and boy does Herbie race a mean race! Jims back on his feet, and Thorndyke, despite his efforts to cheat, is always left in the dust. Hes very angry, so one night, while Jim and Miss Bennet (Carol) were on a date, and they took The Special, Thorndyke pays Tennesse a visit. They suck back some Irish Coffee and get so drunk that when Tennessee is asked what part of Ireland hes from, he responds Coney Ireland. Get it? Thorndyke also gives Herbie some of the stuff, and Herbie cant handle liquid, so his system is all messed up. He gets fixed and sees Jim bought a new car, so he runs away and Jim tries to find him. He finds him and also finds out that Herbie caused some

Mystic-minded hippie-type Tennessee Steinmetz (Buddy Hackett) argues that this is the case when his roommate, down-on-his-luck race driver Jim Douglas (Dean Jones) acquires a Volkswagen Beetle that frequently refuses to comply with its drivers demands. Tennessee claims that the car is alive, and names it Herbie. Jim doesnt believe this for a second, but that doesnt stop him from using the cars unusual speed to bring success to his previously undistinguished racing career. Meanwhile, Peter Thorndyke (David Tomlinson), the snobbish and hot-tempered owner of the dealership where Douglas bought the car, is having fits over Douglas inexplicable winning streak. A race driver himself, Thorndyke becomes Jims (and Herbies) primary rival, resorting to increasingly sneaky tactics to prevail on the racetrack. Jim believes his own driving skill deserves the credit for his newfound success, but finally comes to believe the truth about Herbie in time for the final climactic race.

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Disneys Adventure of a VW Beetle Come to Life!

Jim soon looks for a new car and comes across a fancy dealership, only to be embarrassed by the owner Peter Thorndyke(David Tomlinson) who refuses Jims $80 offer for a gorgeous race car. While in the showroom, a VW rolls in that was supposed to be scrapped. As Thorndyke berates the little car, Jim sticks up for it and soon the car thinks it has a friend and follows Jim home. To avoid being blamed for stealing the car, Jim agrees to buy it from Thorndyke but the car acts up. Jim is about to return it when hes caught in a drag race because someone makes fun of the VW. Herbie blows the competition away and Jim falls in love with the cars speed, but Tennessee knows it has heart and names it Herbie.

Jones and Lee did well in their parts but they seemed like they were acting. Buddy Hackett was quite good as an artist who creates works out of car parts and later served as Jones crew. Hackett named the car Herbie because it reminded him of his uncle. And the actor playing the car dealer was delightfully evil. The special effects were amazing for the era in which the movie was made. It really looked like the car could do some amazing things. And of course the car seemed to have a personality, one that made us like it. The racing scenes were quite well done, and its hard to believe there were not more wrecks. Maybe the cars were filmed at slower speeds than what we saw. While quite funny, the movie also had its tender moments and could even be sad: Herbie tried to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, for example. I didnt really see anything to concern parents, though maybe it was a little violent for the littlest ones.sourceAll images and subtitles are copyrighted to their respectful owners unless stated otherwise. This website is not associated with any external links or websites. ©yifysubtitles.Select favourite languages

Eventually Jones decides to keep the car and race it, but the car dealer wants in on the action, offering to buy this special car. Jones wont sell to him, but he eventually sells to a Mr. Wu (some people may be offended by stereotypical portrayals of Chinese people, and Wu starts out as a stereotype but later seems quite sophisticated). The car dealer tries his best to keep Herbie from being a success.

Bill Walsh (screenplay), Don DaGradi (screenplay),

By far the funniest and best of Disneys Herbie series, The Love Bug is silly fun thats still smartly written enough to be fun for all ages. The special effects are somewhat dated and primitive, but they suffice. Its not easy to make a car show emotion, but here its done with surprising effectiveness. It also doesnt hurt that as a car, the VW Bug has a lot of personality to start with. The human actors do well too; Dean Jones makes for a likeable hero, and Michele Lee the love interest. However, the real comic gold comes from Buddy Hackett as the offbeat Tennessee, who in Jims words is `just in off a flying saucer, and David Tomlinson as British rival Thorndyke, whose angry outbursts are deliciously over-the-top without crossing the fine line into obnoxious overacting.sourceThe Love Bug will drive its way into your heart7/10


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