Stan Lee Has A Very Unexpected New Movie Cameo And Its Not In A Marvel FIlm

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This is a movie that dreams up a trailer for Batmans utility belt getting its own standalone film. If ever Lee were going to poke fun at his own penchant for appearing in so many movies, this is where it was meant to happen. That is managed to be in a DC Entertainment film is just one more meta layer on top of the movie.

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While this is only the second time hes made a cameo in an animated film–shout out toBig Hero 6–its his first time appearing in a DC Comics property. If ever there was a film to do it in, though, this is the one.Teen Titans Go! To the Moviesis loaded with meta jokes about a variety of other superhero films, poking fun at the MCU, the X-Men and Deadpool, and it takes a lot of shots at DC Entertainments own big screen properties.

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Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee has made quite a second career for himself as an actor. After appearing as a hot dog vendor in 2000sX-Men film, hes becomea regular fixtureof the Marvel Cinematic Universe and X-Men franchise of movies. He never sticks around very long, but his cameo roles always get a big reaction from audiences.

Stan Lee is getting animated with the Teen Titans.

His latest, though, might surprise you. Lee has switched sides, albeit temporarily. InTeen Titans Go! To the Movies, Stan Lee is a character.If you havent seenTeen Titans Go! To the Movies, which screened atSan Diego Comic-Con, the following could contain spoilers.

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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is now in theaters.

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Teen Titans GO: To The Movies – Official Trailer

After all, by this point, Stan Lee is bigger than one cinematic universe. Hes not associated with any one hero or company. Stan Lee is comic books, and its exciting to see both Marvel and DC embrace that.

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Lee pops up, letting everyone know hes there to make his standard superhero movie cameo. And while, at first glance, you may be wondering which voice actor is approximating the iconic figure, thats the Spider-Man co-creator himself poking fun at his constant appearances in a variety of comic book films.

Stan Lee Has A Very Unexpected New Movie Cameo, And Its Not In A Marvel FIlm

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