See the Cast of It Then and Now

Now:Faraizl starred in the direct-to-video sequel Where the Red Fern Grows: Part Two, and his last acting credit is the 1992 TV movie Woman with a Past. He is now the beverage director for Kenichi restaurant in Austin, and is recognized across the state of Texas for his expertise in sake.

Now:OToole is married to actor Michael McKean, with whom she starred in the Lifetime movie Final Justice, though the two met decades before when he worked on Laverne and Shirley. The pair also appeared together on Boy Meets World as Topangas parents. The actress portrayed Martha Kent, Clarks mom on the CW series Smallville, and she co-wrote three songs for Christopher Guests A Mighty Wind (in which her husband starred), including the Oscar-nominated A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow.

Then:Dennis Christopher played Eddie Kaspbrak, a former asthmatic and hypochondriac who grows up to be a successful limousine company owner. Christopher previously starred in the film Breaking Away.

Then:Richard Thomas, best known as Jon-Boy on the TV show The Waltons, played Bill Denbrough. Bill witnessed his brother being murdered by Pennywise when they were kids, and that event served as the catalyst for Bill joining up with the other outcast kids in The Losers Club.

Now:Christopher had a recurring role on the short-lived Fox sci-fi show FreakyLinks alongside Ethan Embry. He has appeared in Star Trek: Enterprise, Six Feet Under and Deadwood, and recently had a small role in Django Unchained.

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Then:Brandon Crane played the younger version of John Ritters character, Ben Hanscom. A child actor who got his start in commercials, Crane also previously guest starred on Full House and Mr. Belvedere, and had a recurring role on The Wonder Years.

Then:Harry Anderson played Richie Tozier, at whom Pennywise menacingly chants the phrase, Beep beep, Richie. As an adult, Richie is a late-night TV comedian. Anderson was the star of the long-running sitcom Night Court.

Now:Curry, who is also known for his roles in Clue and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, mostly does voice work these days, and has lent his talents to the upcoming films Saving Santa and Ribbit, and to the television series Regular Show, Young Justice and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Now:In It, Richie is terrified of the Wolfman, but Green would go on to play Oz the werewolf in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The actor has appeared in the films Cant Hardly Wait, Party Monster and the Austin Powers series. Green also provides the voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy, is the co-creator of the Adult Swim series Robot Chicken, and stars in the new sitcom Dads.

Then:Richard Masur played Stanley — as a young Jewish kid, he loved to watch birds, and as an adult, hes become a real estate broker. Masur previously appeared in The Thing, Risky Business and License to Drive.

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Now:Perkins starred in the Ginger Snaps movies and had a small role in Juno as the receptionist at the womens clinic. In 2009, she guest starred on Supernatural as Becky Rosen, and reprised the role in a 2011 episode.

Then:Child actor Jonathan Brandis played young Bill Denbrough. Brandis had starred in Stepfather II and The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter, and guest starred on the shows Full House and Whos the Boss?

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Now:Thomas has appeared in the films Taking Woodstock and The Beaver, and has guest starred on Rizzoli and Isles. He is a supporting cast member on the FX drama The Americans.

Released in 1990 and based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, It was a special three-part TV miniseries event. The story follows a group of outcast kids and self-proclaimed losers who fight an evil demon posing as a child-killing clown. Thirty years later, the evil demon clown has returned to seek vengeance, bringing these former friends back together again under unfortunate circumstances. Twenty-three years after the series initial debut, we take a look back at this awesome ensemble cast and see what theyre up to now.

Now:Following his part in It, Brandis starred in the films Ladybugs, Sidekicks and Ride with the Devil. He was the star of SeaQuest DSV and appeared in a handful of television movies. In a grim coincidence, like his It co-star John Ritter, Brandis also died in 2003.

Now:After It, Crane appeared on an episode of Step by Step and in the TV movie Backfield in Motion. Since 1991, he has only appeared in two short films. In 2004, he went to school to study musical acting.

Now:Anderson starred in the series Daves World from 1993 to 1997, but now he no longer acts and instead focuses on his magician career. In 2008, he guest starred on 30 Rock with several Night Court cast members.

Now:Reid went on to star in Sister, Sister, and had a recurring role on That 70s Show. He was the lead in the short-lived CBS series Franks Place, which inspired David Simon to cast him in an episode of Treme.

Then:Emily Perkins played the younger version of Annette OTooles character, Beverly Marsh, the sole female member of The Losers Club.

Then:Tim Reid, star of WKRP in Cincinnatti and Simon and Simon, played Mike Hanlon, a new student in town who is often tormented by the racist Henry Bowers.

Now:Masur guest starred on the first season of the HBO series Girls, and has appeared in the films Six Degrees of Separation, Multiplicity and Palindromes.

Now:Ritter went on to star in the films Problem Child, Stay Tuned, Sling Blade and Bad Santa. He also appeared on the shows Felicity and Scrubs. Ritter was married to actress Amy Yasbeck, who played his love interest in the Problem Child movies. His son is actor Jason Ritter. John tragically passed away in 2003.

Then:Annette OToole played Beverly Marsh, the one female member of The Losers Club. As an adult, Beverly becomes a fashion designer. The actress previously starred in 48 Hours and Superman III.

Then:Tim Curry was intially hesitant to play the role of Pennywise, the sinister demon posing as an even more sinister clown in It. Curry had previously starred in Legend, which required hours of makeup and prosthetic application. But he signed on for the role anyway, and ended up not requiring much makeup thanks to his incredible performance.

Then:A youngSeth Greenplayed the younger version of Richie Tozier, played in adulthood by Harry Anderson.

Then:John Ritter played Ben Hanscom, a former overweight kid who becomes an architect, just like he always wanted. Ritter had previously been the star of Threes Company, and had a recurring role alongside Richard Thomas on The Waltons as a preacher.

Then:Adam Faraizl played the young version of Eddie Kaspbrak. He previously appeared on Lonesome Dove, and in 1990 — the same year as It — he had a small role in RoboCop 2.

See the Cast of It Then and Now


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