Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews

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Rotten Tomatoes indexes film reviews into two categories, positive and negative. If its a positive review it receives a Fresh rating; otherwise its a Rotten rating. These ratings are compiled into a percentage of Fresh reviews. If the percentage of Fresh reviews is over 60 percent then its good. Below 60 percent, not so good.

The Tomatometer is the rating of positive reviews. There are a few categories that rate the movies. The first is the T-meter Critics. These are a core set ofofficial movie reviewersthat are consistent and provide valid and useful feedback about a movie. These reviewers tend to be more honest than most, so dont expect them to like your favorite movie. The second tab is for the Top Critics. Here youll find more recognizable names from bigger sources likeThe Chicago TribuneandThe New York Times. Lastly, there is the positive review score form the Rotten Tomatoes community. Basically, users like you.

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Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews

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The Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews are a collection of all themovie reviewsfrom major film critics and film reviews from magazines and newspapers. They keep track of hundreds of critics and newspapers to give you a balanced score.

If you sign up for an account to write Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews, you can comment on just about anything. There are forums all over the site for every movie and actor/actresses so youll be hard pressed to find nothing to do. You can also comment on each individual critics review as well as reviews from the community.

Some of the better Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews can get a Certified Fresh logo, which means the movie is amust see. The percentage of positive reviews must be over 75 percent and Rotten Tomatoes must have at least 40 Tomatometer critic reviews to go off of. You can use this logo on your own website if you desire, but it must link to the Rotten Tomato website in some way, either to the movie review, the movie page, or the home page.

There are also video game reviews on the site that go by the same type of ratings.

The scores tend to be pretty even, with the T-meter Critics often have a lower score. The good thing about Rotten Tomatoes is that not even huge fans of a certain film can rig the score. For instance,Twilightreceived a 43 percent from the T-meter critics, a 58 percent from the Top Critics and a 53 percent from the Rotten Tomatoes community. If you read some of the comments under the RT Community tab, you can tell that the fans who really liked the movie were trying to influence the score a little.

You can usually find around 50-150 movie reviews per movie to give you a fair opinion of the movie. Its always good to read the negative as well as the positive because not everybody will like everything, which is good because Rotten Tomatoes likes to keep things fair.

Most critics use some kind of star or scoring system based on five. Unfortunately, what one critic might view as a bad film at 2.5 out of 5 could be an okay film with positive comments at 2.5 out of 5. Rotten Tomatoes takes the critics review style into account: a relaxed, low score review could get a Fresh rating even though the reviewer gave it a low score.


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