Review of LadyBugs (1992) by Anthony F

Deutsch:Bewertung zu LadyBugs (1992) von Anthony F

ByJay Carr(603)forBoston Globe(4,722)on 27 Feb 2004

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Quite possibly the best sports movie ever. Definitely the best Ive seen. If you havent seen this movie, go out and rent it this minute

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Español:Crtica de Todo por mi chica (1992) por Anthony F

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Review of LadyBugs (1992) by Anthony F

Its okay. Dennis Quaid does alright and everyone else is good too I guess. I havent seen this in awhile, so Im not too sure

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English:Review of LadyBugs (1992) by Anthony F

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Rodney dangerfield possibly the funniest comedian ever.

Français:Critique de LadyBugs (1992) par Anthony F

ByChristopher S(1,464)on 02 Mar 2012

ByNancy Churnin(89)forDallas Morning News(1,083)on 29 Jun 2005

If you havent seen this and Rocky, AND dont like them, honestly you dont like realistic dramas or at least ones with a hint

This review ofLadyBugs (1992)was written byAnthony Fon 02 October 2007.

ByDiana Saenger(230)forReelTalk Movie Reviews(1,166)on 02 Jun 2005


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