Review of Bug (2006) by Dan J

English:Review of Bug (2006) by Dan J

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Deutsch:Bewertung zu Bug (2006) von Dan J

Español:Crtica de Bug (2006) por Dan J

Review of Bug (2006) by Dan J

ByJohn Beifuss(1,315)forCommercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)(1,315)on 06 Oct 2005

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ByFelix Vasquez Jr.(1,333)forCinema Crazed(1,306)on 09 Oct 2017

Its probably just as well that last-minute dropouts Kim Basinger or Madonna didnt take the title role, as the presence of a star lurking

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ByChristopher S(1,379)on 17 Mar 2014

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Nail biting, disgusting thriller. Loved it, Ashley Judd CAN act, I knew it.

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This review ofBug (2006)was written byDan Jon 08 January 2010.

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Odd. Disturbing. But good. This is some really good acting by both leads in my opinion. I think you either really like this one, or hate it

Craptastic and worth viewing (a) for Linda Blairs hideous perm and (b) with the right group of people. Thank you, right group of people

ByVariety Staff(877)forVariety(8,323)on 08 Feb 2008


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