PUBG Xbox One Update Now Available Here Are The Patch Notes

PUBG Xbox One Update Now Available Here Are The Patch Notes

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If it wasnt a team kill, the report button wont appear.

Improvements were made mainly in the northern part of Miramar to make it a more appealing area.

Weve added more objects like trees and rocks in the northern part of Miramar to provide some additional options for cover.

In addition to the reporting system, PUBG Corp. has made a handful of improvements to the recently added Miramar map, which officially launched for the game last month following several weeks of testing. Most notably, the developer says it has made improvements to the northern portion of the map to make it a more appealing area, and the Oasis has been expanded.

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On top of that, PUBG Corp. has added more vehicle spawning locations in Miramar. Some problematic terrain has also been fixed to improve the driving experience on the map. Finally, additional farming points have been added, and more trees, rocks, and other objects have been introduced to the northern portion of the map to provide more cover options.

Press the Y button when the result is shown to expose the report pop-up.

The Oasis in the northern area of the map has expanded.

Some issues related to motorbike crashes have been fixed.

We introduced some back-end changes to prepare for an upcoming feature and in some cases, the game would try to interact with this unfinished feature, causing the game to crash. This has been removed.

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The interiors of certain buildings have been simplified.

Elastic accuracy control for character has improved.

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Among other things, PUBG Corp. has implemented a new system to report players who kill their teammates. After a team kill, players will be able to press Y on the result screen to bring up a report button, then press A to report the player in question. The report prompt will not appear if it wasnt a team kill.

PUBG Corp. has made some more improvements and bug fixes.

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Gamehub stats will now be shown correctly. These stats will be updated with the unaccounted data with some server-side operations which might take a bit of time.

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Certain problematic terrain elements (which caused weird collisions or movement) have been fixed for a smoother driving experience.

PUBG Corp. has released a new update for the Xbox One version ofPlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. Patch 15 is available to download on the console now, although its fairly minor as far as updates go, primarily focusing on bug fixes and other improvements to the game.

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You will now be able to report a team kill. If you get killed by a teammate, simply…

Fixed an issue where motorbike tires would not burst even when damaged.

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Weve added extra farming points to loot in the map.

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Weve added more car spawning positions to facilitate easy travel into and out of the area.

Check whether the report competed message is shown on the bottom of the screen.

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PUBG Xbox One Update Now Available, Here Are The Patch Notes

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Prediction based level streaming has improved.

The update also fixes a handful of bugs in the game, including one that would caused Gamehub stats to display incorrectly. You can find the full patch notes for the update, courtesy of theofficial PUBG forums, below.


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