Party Occasions

Gifts, especially those youre giving out at parties, don t have to be elaborate or expensive, but they can certainly look their best. Many party favors are geared toward kids, so you can offer your childs party guests items like crayons, kazoos, stickers and candy. You can buy several different items and then create your own party favor or goody bags, too.

Delicious cakes and other baked sweets have their place at almost any gathering. We have everything you need to make a special cake, pie or batch of cookies for your party. This include cake stands, cake-decorating tools, food dyes and everything you need to bake cake,cupcakesor cake pops for a different take on a birthday or other party theme.

Whether youre giving one gift or several, you can make sure you have a good selection of gift-wrapping supplies at the ready so you can present your present exactly how you envision. Wrapping paper is one of your most important choices. For an easy way to get your gift looking spiffy, choose wrapping paper that fits the theme of the event. For example, wrap wedding gifts in colors like silver, white and gold or the couples wedding colors. Christmas party gifts look fun and festive when festooned in Christmas theme elements with lots of red, green, gold and silver or designs with Santa, elves and reindeer. As youre wrapping, make sure you have scissors and adhesive tape handy. If youre giving several small gifts or dont want to give away the shape of the present before the recipient opens it, a gift bag can do the trick. Make sure you include some tissue paper on the top to conceal whats inside. Printed gift boxes also work as great alternatives to wrapping paper, and bows and ribbon look nice on any type of gift.

Get everything you need to host a patriotic party.

Enliven any occasion with festive party supplies

Parties just feel more exciting with balloons. There are themed balloons that are perfect for birthdays, anniversary celebrations, housewarmings and just because you feel like celebrating. Balloons are available in all colors of the rainbow and beyond in materials like latex, Mylar and foil. You can buy them individually or in packs that range from 10 to 100 or more, which is ideal for when you want to have a lot of balloons on hand. Many balloons are plain, but some are ideal for specific types of parties, like birthdays and baby showers, thanks to their printed designs and interesting shapes.

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Before you can enjoy your big bash, youll want to let everyone know the details and that its happening in the first place. You can send out invitations that have themes already integrated on them, and you only need to include the specifics about your party, such as the date, time, location and any other incidental information. You can also buy basic cards that let you display your creative side by adding your own designs on your computer and printing them onto the cards. Whether youre throwing a bridal shower, graduation party or welcome home gathering, you can create cards and invitations that suit your needs.

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Party decorations immediately set the scene and tone while letting your guests know what they can look forward to during the event. If youre having a birthday party, for example, you might have lots ofballoons, birthday-themed decor items like banners and lettering, and a lot of bright colors all around. If youre throwing a baby shower for someone, baby items will likely be the theme of the day, and lots of pink or blue (or any other color of the rainbow if the babys gender isnt known) will rule your decorating scheme. Other important decorating items to use include streamers, hanging decorations, table decorations, tablecloths and inflatable props.

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Show him you care with a heartfelt Fathers Day card.

Parties are a time and a reason to celebrate. However, when youre the person putting on the party, the time leading up to the occasion might seem like anything but fun theres often a lot of planning involved. Walmart can help ease your party-prep and gift-giving tasks by helping you find everything you need to throw a memorable gathering or provide a perfectly wrapped present, whether its for abirthdayparty, office party, holiday party or even a wedding. Have fun discovering all the supplies you need in one place and saving money thanks to our low prices, every day, on everything. Were here to help you plan and relax before your event, which will help you enjoy it even more.

If youre having a Cinco de Mayo party or someone you love is celebrating her quincea era, a pi ata may be in order. These are filled with candies or little toys and hung up high, such as from a ceiling or a tree. Guests get to take swings at the pi ata before freeing the goodies inside. You can find these festive, interactive decorations in fun shapes that resemble animals, suns and even beloved cartoon characters.

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Party Occasions


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