Parody of Charlies Angels as Cindy, Brenda and Theo beat up Hanson.

Theo plays this song on while flirting with Dwight.

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The Prodigy, Public Enemy & Manfred Mann

Song when Theo is trying to get the keys from Dwight by flirting with him.

3rd song playing in the end credits.

These Boots Are Made for Walking (feat. Merenia)

2nd song playing in the end credits.

Father Harris plays another song on the piano which they all sing to. He stops when Megan comes in.

Father McFeely pulls up in the taxi and Megan is sitting on the bed.

Cindy is singing along to this song while driving to the mansion.

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The Prodigy, Public Enemy & Manfred Mann

One year later title. Beginning of movie. Cindy (Anna Farris) is talking to Shorty.

Hanson removes the top of Shortys head/scalp.

Shorty is showing Cindy how to be more cool.

First song. Father Harris is playing the piano while a woman is singing to cheering.

Playing in Shortys car radio and plays into end credits.



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