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If the world of so called geek culture is a full time occupation, then it might be fair to say that Ive got a part time summer job. Im not nearly as well read and well versed in the depths and details of what it takes to be truly literate in the sub sections of

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It would be fair to say that Alex Garlands latest release Annihilation has come to represent a massive shift in the way that major motion pictures are now handling their release options. The intellectual science-fiction adventure was given a cinema release in the USA and China, but due to creative conflicts and a decision not

Perhaps more than any other filmmaker right now, or over the last few decades, even if you arent fluent in cinema, you can tell when you are watching a Wes Anderson picture. The mans signature style has become so synonymous with quirk and quality, not just for the curious aesthetic style and whimsical sensibility that

Before entering the cinema, the only thing I knew about Disneys latest live action adventure was that it is an adaptation of a 1962 novel by Madeleine LEngle, a novel that was famously believed to be unfilmable thanks to its abstract concepts. If the world has taught me one thing, it is that if something

Without ever really meaning it to, the Tomb Raider franchise in all of its various forms became a big part of my childhood and growing up. From memories of playing the original Playstation games with friends (mostly screaming at the terrifying wolves and never actually starting the game because training in the mansion was more

Is it just me, or did Wonderstruck, Todd Haynes latest directorial offering, have one of the most confusing and misleading trailers of all time? Perhaps I was tired when I watched it, perhaps Im just a dummy, but I honestly went in to the film expecting to see some sort of time travel, multiple lives

Books, records, films these things matter. Call me shallow but its the f….n truth.

It is the power of memory that gives rise to the power of imagination – Akira Kurosawa

If, like myself, you have been paying any kind of attention to LGBT+ cinema over the years, you will know that there has never been a major studio motion picture centred on a gay teen romance. Just let that sink in for a second. Not two months ago a film about a sexual relationship between

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My relationship with Japanese anime is what one might call basic. I, along with every other child of the time, was fully swept along with the Pokemon phenomenon wave of the late 90s/early 00s, and in the following years have sampled and enjoyed the highlights of the iconic Studio Ghibli like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howls

f There is nothing that cements the period between awards season and summer blockbuster season quite like a strangely titled, twee British drama starring all of the tried and tested period piece players from the last decade. Before cinema screens are overrun with Marvel fans clambering to see Avengers: Infinity War, my friend and I,

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The last film I reviewed on this blog was set in Guernsey, and this week were hopping across the Channel to the island of Jersey for Michael Pearsons directorial debut Beast. Their close locations promise to be the only thing the two picture have in common, however, with the former being a quaint, comfortable period drama

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I know, I know. Given the current climate in Hollywood and across the film industry in general over the past year, the decision to watch a Woody Allen film in 2018 feels like the furthest thing from a good idea. Welcome to the post Oscars cinematic calendar landscape, a strange and confusing time of the

Even if it doesnt happen to be your favourite genre, there is nothing quite like going to the cinema with a friend to see a horror movie. More than any other kind of film, a monster flick lends itself to a group environment, with the more reactionary the crowd, the more enhanced the experience. Ironically,

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