November 2018 Anime You Should Watch Bloom Into You Zombie Land Saga And More (US

Zombie Land Sagais about an ordinary high school girl who leaves her house to start her first day of school–only to be struck and killed by a passing truck. She wakes up 10 years later, revived as a zombie by an eccentric young man who wants to manage an idol group entirely composed of the living dead. The story mixes together idol tropes and common zombie story stereotypes to create something truly bizarre, but its all surprisingly fun to watch. The series airs in English on Funimation and in Japanese on Crunchyroll.

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Castlevania Season 2 – Official Trailer

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Castlevaniais also getting its second season this fall. Once again, the anime is exclusive to Netflix, but that also means you get the whole season up front. Capturing the aesthetic of the video gameCastlevania: Symphony of the Night,Castlevaniathe anime portrays the bloody tale of Trevor Belmonts quest to defeat Dracula. Castlevania delves into murder, gore, and heroes and villains that are both right in their own way and also deeply flawed. ThinkBerserkorDevilman Crybaby.Castlevaniacan be unsettling at times, but the show captures the essence of the Castlevania video game because of it

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RErideD: Derrida, who leaps through time

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November 2018 Anime You Should Watch: Bloom Into You, Zombie Land Saga, And More (US)

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Persona 3: Dancing In Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight Demos Live

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That Time I Go Reincarnated as a Slime

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This season also features a few new isekai–stories where a normal person from our world is transported to another–but the one you want to watch isThat Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime. Its pretty much exactly about what the name implies. A dude from our world dies and hes reborn as a cute little blob of sentient goo in a fantasy world of dragons and goblins. The series is a little weird at first, but stick with it–the manga that the anime is based on goes to some charming places. The show is airing in the original Japanese on Crunchyroll and in English on Funimation.

The full list of anime series and movies that have been confirmed to premier this fall on Amazon, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hidive, and Netflix are listed below. Well update the list if additional titles are announced.

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Golden Kamuyreturns on Crunchyroll and Funimation with a second season, continuing the adventures of our favorite band of ridiculous treasure seekers who are racing to find certain escaped convicts who have strange tattoos all over their bodies. When combined, the tattoos complete map that leads to a massive pile of gold, which pretty much everyone in the anime wants for themselves.Golden Kamuys first season aired this past spring, and ended fairly abruptly in the middle of the animes story, so its good to see the show continue again so quickly.

Animated by Troyca, Inc–the studio responsible for the spectacular 2017 animeRe:Creators–and featuring music by Michiru Oshima–whos composed music for anime likeFullmetal Alchemistand video games likeThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess–Bloom Into Youmight be the most gorgeous anime this season, both to watch and listen to. The series is exclusively airing on Hidive in both Japanese and English.

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Of all the anime this season,Bloom Into Youis the must watch. This love story between two high school girls also addresses the pressures of living with low self-worth and the struggles of understanding asexual love. Despite the heaviness of the storys drama, there are both brief snippets of hilarity and quiet moments of internal resilience that draw you into the changing dynamic between the second-year student council president–who cant escape her dead sisters shadow–and the young first-year–who dreams of falling in love but doesnt feel the emotions that manga and music say she should.

Clear your queue for these seven titles.

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Space Battleship Tiramisu Zwei (Season 2)

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Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhoodis a cute story about a doll-loving middle-schooler moving in with a centuries-old otaku vampire who looks to be no older than a high school first-year. The first episode tackles the but where are the parents problem that most anime have with a humorous twist, and flips the regular person meeting a vampire dynamic by having the normal girl be the strange one with habits that are difficult to comprehend. The first episode ofMs. Vampire who lives in my neighborhoodpossesses tremendous comedic timing and plays off your expectations of slice-of-life tropes in pretty hilarious ways. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll.

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Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind

Ulysses: Jeanne dArc and the Alchemist Knight

A bit more somber,Iroduku: The World in Colorsis a series about a teenage witch, named Hitomi, whos colorblind and lives in the year 2078. That is, until her grandmother transports Hitomi 60 years into the past to 2018. Now lost in a world she doesnt completely recognize and lacking the know-how to complete certain tasks–like needing paper money to pay for things–Hitomi struggles to find the teenager who will one day grow up to be her grandmother so she can go home. The anime is already setting itself up to explore similar themes to what we saw in 2016sOrange. Which isnt surprising, as Yuuko Kakihara–who worked on the script for five ofOranges episodes–is the writer forThe World in Colors.

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That Time I Go Reincarnated as a Slime

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Fall 2018 Anime Release Date Schedule (U.S.)

Theres a bunch of new anime series airing on Netflix, Amazon, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hidive. Here are our seven top recommendations you should add to your queue.

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