New Predator Reboot Movie Trailer Unleashes Something Very Big And Scary

In an recent interview withScreenRant, Holbrook spoke about the tone of movie, and how it blends genres. I think what we have here is kind of like a hybrid, he said. Youll see a true reference to that once you see the film, and whats going on with all of the Predators. It does play a little slower, maybe like a western, which would lend itself to that thrill factor. And then its the western in sci-fi, so I think that would build up to the scares.

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But also you have what Shane is really known for and is a master at, which is keeping a scene hinged on whats rooted–my son, get my son back, I need to save him–and then carving out these comedic moments.

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The Predatoris directed by Shane Black, who previously helmedIron Man 3and the crime comedyThe Nice Guys,as well as writing the originalLethal Weapon. It also stars Olivia Munn (X-Men:Apocalypse), Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Keegan-Michael Key (Keanu,Key & Peele), Sterling K. Brown (The People v. OJ Simpson), and Jacob Tremblay (Room). It releases on September 14.

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We get to see more of the mission to Mexico in which a squad of soldiers led by Quinn (NarcosandLoganstar Boyd Holbrook) encounters the deadly alien creature, plus more dialogue from the squad of army convicts that hes subsequently imprisoned with. Of course, theres lots of Predator mayhem too, with more shots of the giant hybrid Predator teased in the most recent promo. Check it out above.

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New Predator Reboot Movie Trailer Unleashes Something Very Big And Scary

Predators dont just sit around making hats out of ribcages.

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The latest trailer forThe Predatorhas arrived. This is the third promo for the upcoming sci-fi action reboot, and while some of the footage featured inthe recent international trailer, theres lots of new stuff in there too.


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