New On Netflix In The US This Week Movies TV Shows And Originals

The 100Season 5 is a notable addition that arrived on August 15. The fifth season continues The CWs post-apocalyptic science fiction drama of a group of teenaged criminals who are forced out of the space station theyve lived in their entire lives to survive on Earth–a planet theyve never known–to test whether the planet can once again support life. Seasons 1-4 are already on Netflix if youre looking to catch up on the show before the Season 6 premier in 2019.

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August 2018s Best New Netflix Movies And TV Series To Watch Right Now

Also on August 15, Netflix got the adorable comedyAdventures in Public School. This Canadian film tells the story of a socially awkward outcast whos been homeschooled by his overprotective mom his entire life. However, when he falls in love with a popular girl at the nearby state school, he decides to leave his sheltered life behind and enroll. The film is directed by Kyle Rideout, whos appeared as an actor in television series likeDCs Legends of TomorrowandSupernatural, and voiced characters in movies likeThe Girl Who Leapt Through TimeandWarcraft.

New On Netflix In The US This Week: Movies, TV Shows, And Originals

The rest of the series and movies being added to Netflix this week are outlined below. If you missed out on what came to Netflix last week, or just want to look ahead, read ourcomplete listof everything arriving on the streaming service in August.

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All October 2018s Best New Netflix Movies And TV Shows To Watch

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Among the eight new Netflix Originals, youll definitely want to keep your eye onDisenchantment. Created by Matt Groening–who previously made bothThe SimpsonsandFuturama–the animated series is a medieval fantasy about a rebellious princess and her adventures with an elf and her personal demon.

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Magic for Humans– Netflix Original

All the highlights in the world of games, lovingly delivered 2-3 times/week.

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Netflix will be updated with more TV series and movies throughout this week. This Friday, eight new Netflix originals are being added to the streaming service, just in time to unwind for the weekend.

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