New Halloween Movie Opens To A Huge Box Office Number

Halloweendoesnt reinvent the wheel or create a new subgenre of horror. What it does is take the best parts of all the films in the franchise, and deliver the ultimate companion piece to Carpenters 1978 masterpiece, reviewer Rafael Motamayor said. Its a film that not only has something to say about trauma and PTSD, but also delivers a bloody, fun time at the theater. Will Michael Myers return again? Who knows, but we sure as hell welcome him home.

The scary movie has a great first weekend.

The new Halloween movie crushed the competition at the US/Canada box office this weekend. You can see the full Top 10 list for October 19-21 below.

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The newHalloweenmovie starring Jamie Lee Curtis opened in the United States and Canada over the weekend, and it was a massive success. The movie pulled in an estimated $77.5 million over the Friday-Sunday period, according toEntertainment Weekly. Thats good for the second-biggest October opening in history, only behindVenom, which made$80.3 million for its first weekendearlier this month. Its also the second-highest start for an R-rated horror movie, behind only the killer clown movieIt($123.4 million).

The newHalloweenis directed by David Gordon Green, who previously helmed the Seth Rogen stoner moviePineapple Express, as well as the Sandra Bullock filmOur Brand Is Crisis.As mentioned, Jamie Lee Curtis returns to play Laurie Strode as she yet again fights against the masked murdered Michael Myers. John Carpenter, who directed 1978sHalloween, is attached to the new film as a creative consultant.

Halloween, which is a direct sequel to John Carpenters 1978 classic, had a reported budget of only $10 million, so its already a huge commercial success, it would seem. Jamie Lee Curtis responded to the box office numbers with a tweet that also mentions thatHalloweenis the biggest opening for a horror movie with a female lead and the biggest start for any movie with a female lead over 55. She also points out thatHalloweenset a new franchise record for how much money it made on its first weekend.


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