Mrs Ladybug

Mrs Ladybug

Mrs. Ladybug is a kindhearted, middle-aged ladybug who becomes an aunt figure toJames, and hates rudeness. She was once an ordinary ladybug, but became life-size when Jamespeachbecame giant. While she is the good bug she is, she can also be firm, tough, feisty, and yet brave. This is proven when she fends off therobot sharks torpedoes with her purse when they attack James andMr. Grasshopper.

She first appears along with the other bugs when James climbs inside the peach and assures him that hes safe and shows him that he has changed as well as all of them. She accompanies the others on their journey toNew York Cityand even helps them defeat a robot shark that attacks the group. After they reach New York, she and the other bugs are separated from James during an attack from theRhino, but they later reunite with James, who has by then, resumed his normal form. She helps in the capture ofSpikerandSpongeand, along with James and the other bugs, is joyfully welcomed by the people of New York. She, James, and the bugs get to live inside the pit of the peach in Central Park after they let the people eat the peach. They all live happily ever after, and Mrs. Ladybug becomes a nurse.

New York CityRelativesJames Trotter(new nephew)

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Oh! Oh! This is so un-ladybug-like!SourceMrs. Ladybugis one of the deuteragonists and major characters inJames and the Giant Peach.Contents[show]Personality

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NurseAlignmentGoodGoalTo reachNew York City(succeeded)HomeSpiker and Sponges hill (formerly)

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The Ladybug from the original book,

Glowworm(new mother)AlliesHer family, people of New YorkMinionsHer familyEnemiesAunt SpikerAunt SpongeRobot Shark, theRhinoLikesChildren, the sunshine, happinessDislikesRudeness, danger, James auntsPowers and abilitiesFlightWeaponsHer purseFateLives in Central Park with her new family and becomes a nurseQuoteThank you, James.

Kind, firm, proper, feisty, brave, intelligent

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Chubby red ladybug, black hair, spotted top, light blue dress, red hat, blue skin, black shoes

In the book, she married the Head of the Fire Department in New York City.

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