Moving my Flatscreen TV to a new place

Do such companies have a service where you rent their own van or trailer? Or do you have to provide your own?

Regardless, I pretty much got out of there ASAP, washed and dried my clothes several times… and havent taken anything with me since.

What kind of Flatscreen TV are we talking about?… Plasma, Led, Projection…. Plasma TVs can be temp sensitive… Was the TV set up in close proximity to a location where a host was regularly available?

Moving out of New place already… Help needed

So I was living in a hellhole that had bedbugs. I finally had the last straw when I woke up to find several of them taking a cruise around my bed, and one decided to crawl on the wall. I then checked the bed, and they had migrated to places of it rather fast. It was my roommates fault, as he originally had them. (Or, perhaps the entire apartment complex has them.)

Im just paranoid that even if the professionals claim theyve exterminated the bed bugs (estimated around July) that some or their eggs may be inside other stuff.

1. See how much Vikane Fumigation would be.

Im highly doubting this, however… Because I have never seen them anywhere near electronics… Only near the bed.

Ik bed bugs do not like to be in Electronics. I hava TV mii (deceased) gma left mii. I brought it too mii sistas & everthing had been okie sinc its in their room buh if they go n2 tha front room i worry abt mii nephew & sista gettin bit. Buh ima moved & i juss hope i dont bring em w……Any help w. Tha tv ?? Its already herre..ima juss worried ill bring em…..i cant do this a 3rd time other wise id go Krazii !!

A recent study run by Virginia Tech found that field caught bed bugs died within 90 days at 79 degrees F… Lab bugs died within 130 days at the same temp.

The TV is a Flatscreen LCD. Its close to the host area, right in front of it, in fact. Though, Ive never seen any bedbugs inside of any of the electronics… or anywhere else, actually… Aside from the bed or the floor.

Moving my Flatscreen TV to a new place.

Infestations are rare in electronic devices… You could hire a reliable K9 team to screen the items for live activity.

In some states a PCO will need a visual identification before they can legally treat an item… others will treat it because the item was exposed to a known infestation before you moved.

My stuff is located in Brighton (Boston) Massachusetts, US. If anyones good at researching this stuff, do you think you could provide me with anyone who would be able to treat my stuff?

If the exterminators deem that theyve been able to eradicate the bed bugs that were in the bed, room, apartment, whatever…

I love my stuff but I seriously dont want to infect anywhere else, its my biggest fear. Id really like to bring my TV to a new location now.

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I honestly fear to even bring those to the new place I am staying, as Im afraid bedbugs are crawling around in them.

The only things of real value I want is my huge Flatscreen TV, and my gaming system. (Nintendo Wii.)

If you utilize Vikane gas fumigation… You do not need to throw away any of your possessions… You can load the items in a vehicle… leave it overnight and be bed bug free when you drive away… I believe that your possessions could also be heated safely in a PackTite Closet

3. Seal the TV up for 2 years, then reopen it.

To ease my worries, Id want to take my stuff and put it in a truck or something overnight and treat it… However, Im having a terrible time looking for that particular service in my area and the pricing.

Im no expert, and I may be wrong, but its what Im thinking.

2. See if you can find a way to heat the tv up to 130+ degrees for a couple hours (may damage tv, may not)

I dont even want to chance it that I might bring some with me here. I want to be finished with that torment.

Moving To A New Place/ Mother Not Taking Proper Steps Not To Bring Bugs With Us.

All my stuff is in this apartment… Some DVDs, electronic tidbits, etc. I might just be discarding them all.

I also think two years in storage is serious overkill… The length of time required to starve out a colony depends on the ambient temperature in the storage area… Bed bugs have been observed surviving for 484, 565 & 590 days unfed at 10 degrees Celcius which is roughly 50 degrees Fahrenheit in some studies that were run in the 1930s & 40s… The same studies found much shorter life spans at higher temps… 277 days at 64F… 84 days at 80F… or 40 days at 97degrees F.

Is there a way to check? Also, is there a way to treat these electronics without damaging them?

Bed bugs only like to infest electronics only if there is literally no other room for them to nest and thats in severe infestations. Even then bed bugs are more likely to seek other hosts in adjacent bedrooms and apartments. That said any electronics unused that sit under or on the bed for a very long period of time is prone to infestation but thats not a normal case for most people.

If you had bedbugs on the wall, I would not chance taking the possibly infested tv to a new place. Take this with a grain of salt, but my choices would be:

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Do you think it would be safe to bring the TV after such treatments?

Getting mystery bites weeks after moving to a new place… is it starting agai

You coud heat up the TV to 120F or bag it. Contrary, to popular belief, you dont need to bag it for 2 years. Thats a worse case scenario where the bed bug is kept under ideal conditions, the bed bug is well fed and kept at low temperatures. At higher temperatures bed bugs starve and die much quicker. During a hot summer in California, bagging it for a month or two should do it.

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I pretty much at this point want to abandon the TV — My father on the other hand is all like, Oh well if youre that afraid, let me have the TV. Ill worry about it. — My father being the type of person that if I try to explain bedbugs to him, he disregards it as no big deal or thinks Im paranoid and crazy for thinking theyd even BE IN the TV to begin with. (Not to mention itll be in the same place Im staying, we moved in together temporarily.)

Currently the apartment is being treated for these bedbugs, and apparently the treatments are going well.

Moving- need to treat with Nuvan at new place

I dont know about your TV, but my HD screen, as well as my flatscreen computer display, get super hot when I use them. Perhaps not hot enough to sterilize, a la PackTite, but it might be an unpleasant enough environment to discourage the BBs from living there in the first place.

Is it likely they are inside of these electronics?


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