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I havent seen the movie, but I saw the play the movie was based on. In the play theyre speed freaks that are caught in a downward spiral . They have delusions that theyre being watched & bugged, but its all in their minds. I think youre supposed to be confused. Its a comment on what drugs do to the mind…

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and the phones lightbulb never even lights up

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Then the fact that she made the comment nobody helped her when the baby disappeared and that he wouldnt have gone to anyone so it had to be someone he knew. Nobody helped her since either she didnt have a baby when she entered the store or she was the baby that was taken and harmed.

It would explain the self medicating with drugs and alcohol and her not remembering things or daydreaming.

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There are a couple of key exchanges that also mark the disappearance of her son as the trigger to her connection with Peter and their future delusional pact. First, before she goes insane:

As another person pointed out, in one scene the phone rings and she picks it up and says its Goss and another character tells her you were Goss once.

In the claustrophobicBug, lonely Agnes meets Peter who shows signs of schizophrenic paranoia, and is rapidly drawn into his psychosis. Its left up for debate whether the plot is really about the effects of drugs, plain paranoia or the accumulative effects of the worlds horrors on our minds, but at its core, its aboutsuccumbingto a mental breakdown, as the two main characters find solace when they feed on each others delusions.

Much obliged. 🙂 Did my best without seeing the play (though Letts also wrote the screenplay). Not an easy film to sit through or to fully comprehend.

The shot of the sons forsaken toys and clothes and that nagging telephone ring convey the trauma that plagued Agness life up to this point. The ring that rattled her nerves and never supplied her with answers is added for emphasis.

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[In one sub-classification,] a dominant person (known as the primary, inducer or principal) initially forms a delusional belief during a psychotic episode and imposes it on another person or persons (known as the secondary, acceptor or associate) with the assumption that the secondary person might not have become deluded if left to his or her own devices.

exacerbates her anxiety and her need to escape the situation

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Folie deux (French for a madness shared by two) or shared psychosis, is a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another. […] This syndrome is most commonly diagnosed when the two or more individuals concerned live in proximity and may be socially or physically isolated and have little interaction with other people.

1) What made Ashley Judds character go full-on crazy and buy into the psychosis? Was it drugs? Guilt over her son? Or was she just going along with it because she liked the guy?

So why is Agnes letting herself go off the edge? The common explanation to the situation depicted in this film isFolie deux1:

The shot of the dead military doctor surrounded by bugzappers in atin-foiledroom conveys Peters specific schizophrenia, which was probably created by his traumas in the Gulf War, and the result of it.

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theres a possibility her mental state is worse than we thought because the phone mightve never rang

She lives alone in a motel, drinks and smokes crack;

Theres also a post-credits shot of the dead Dr. Sweet in the tin-foiled room. This is the same shot that also

A lil behind on this string ? I believe its soley about drugs…when Dr sweet asks agnes how many times she hits this thing (showing a meth/base pipe) she stated as much as I want or something along those lines.

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It would explain how the abusive character had been gone for awhile and then return randomly and burst in uninvited. In the end he is banging on the door and she is hallucinating when she sees the lights and hears the helicopters. It isnt happening but she is hearing it just like the husband.

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She also made comments about merging with Peter which is what a dominate personality would do.

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I was intrigued to see what theories people would put up, but since no one bothered, Ill give it a go.EDIT: This isnt an easy question, so this is going to be reallllly long.

I think the entire movie was about Dissociative Identity disorder due to trauma she suffered as a child. A few clues throughout the movie lead me to believe this.

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It just clearly relays drug use to me. Yes dude is a schizophrenic and shes ptsd in my opinion…a lil speed in that mix would be highly destructive

Agnes: Hell, dont call me maam. Makes me feel like your mom.

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She also asks the doctor what Peter was institutionalized for and he doesnt say. I think she was the one who was in the hospital. He isnt trying to help Peter, hes trying to help her. The psychiatrist knows Peter isnt real.

Agnes is angered by the fact that her phone keeps ringing and when she picks up, she hears no one and suspects its her husband Jerry. Now, although this part could be explained in other ways, I believe this situation is set up to at least hint that

Im trying to figure out a few things:

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2) What was going on with the ending? The VERY ending? After some credits rolled, there was a brief scene showing some childrens toys and clothing, and then after all the credits ended they showed the doctor lying dead on the floor. Did that imply that the fire at the end was part of the delusion? The childrens clothes seemed to make an appearance earlier in the movie.

This is a bit tougher, but Ill try to connect these to my previous points. Lets go over the shots first. The mid-credits shot shows the sons toys and clothes and is accompanied by the ringing phone. The same shot appears around minute 54 (only without the phone), when Peter tells Jerry that he took these things out to get to the microscope.

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when it rings. So its possible that the phone calls are imaginary, but even if theyre not, they still might stand for Agness desire to hear from her missing kid and to also channel her anger at her husband.

Together, theyre the mementos of our protagonists, still reminding us who they were and what led to their demise, after theyve gone in flames.

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2 In fact, the only other person that hears it ringing (and also hears no one on the other end) is Peter, and this happens right after they make love and Peter starts talking about bugs. The possible explanation for this might be a bit out there, but Peter, who says he picks up on things unapparent to others and who heard Agnes talk with RC about the weird phone calls, might be playing along andpicking up on her delusionright as he shares his own bug obsession with her. This makes it an important moment, because it cements their shared willingness to immerse themselves in delusions.

The movieBug (2006)was a thriller/mystery about a man who seemed a bit psychotic and a woman who seemed a tad unstable. I get that there was a bit of conspiracy theory going on, and the male lead was definitely mentally unstable.

, even if it means escaping reality;

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Multiple personalities would have different identities who were of different sexes and different ages. The youngest may be her character when the abuse began and then there would be a protector like the woman and one that could be abusive. The husband was the controlling personality but then the new alter ego Peter arrived and eventually merged with her.

So it might have happened a bit too quick (for my taste, as well), but the theory is that Agnes loses herself in Peters psychosis because she was already about to crack from the trauma of losing her son. Looking for a way out of her miserable situation, Agnes, a bit like a cult member is likely to do (Peter mentions Jonestown in his rant), then latches onto Primary Inducer Peters unreal beliefs.

Now, I dont think any of this necessarily implies that the fire never happened. Both shots took place earlier in the reality of the film (the second couldve simply depicted the bodythe room was set on fire). Its only thethats a bit off in both: theres a ringing phone in the first, and the second is oddly silent. My theory is that these shots arent a twist in and of themselves but are ratherof Agnes and Peter and their separate issues that led to this outcome:

Shes been traumatized after her kid vanished in the grocery store, never to return. When she shops for groceries later in the film, she looks devastated and is prone to stare at carts, getting lost in thoughts;

The fighting between all 3 of the people would be the personalities fighting to maintain control or to protect her. She thru the husband out(dominate personality) then the woman (protective character) and after that the two personalities Peter and her merged together.

She has an abusive husband, and if the abuse wasnt enough to damage her psyche, the fact that hes now out of jail and is threatening to move back in

Added analysis (because the questions about the movies themes) & posted my thoughts about it.

1 Incidentally, ina 1998 episodeofThe X Filesthat discusses (and is titled) Folie Deux, Mulder and Scullys shared illusion is also about imaginary(?) bugs.

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And later, when Agnes is already breaking down and screams at RC as she coddles the agonized Peter in a blanket like a child:

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Its my opinion that Agnes isverysusceptible to this phenomenon because shes already progressed beyond a tad unstable. Consider this:


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