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High-flying, jam-packed testo-fest eschewing the usual Marvel brio for steep consequences.

Weve come a LONG way since the first Oscars.

In honor of R. Lee Ermeys passing, we take a look at one of his most famous scenes.

Not Spider-Man, Not Batman but definitely Mystery Men!

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If this review offends you, the movie probably will too.

Its a living, breathing version of Trivial Pursuit: Totally 80s, and its just as much fun to watch.

Youre killin me Smalls!

The origin story of Lara Croft is here, but is it worthy of your time?

Ghost Stories batters you into submission with chair-jumping BOO! moments, but it all gives way to a final truth which makes you almost wish for those moments again.

What is it about getting high that makes you want to watch movies about getting high?

its entertaining, fast, furious, and grand fun.

Krasinski gives A Quiet Place an unmatched tenor and tone.


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