Moviegoers Claim Bed Bugs Bit Them At HollywoodTheater

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Carey Codd is a General Assignment Reporter for CBS4 News and joined the News Team in 2005. He has covered a range of stories from cops to courts,…

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HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) Two women said they brought their children to see a movie at the Regal Cinemas in Oakwood Plaza last month and left with more than a happy family memory. The women said they and two of their children left with painful and lingering bites from bed bugs.

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We need Regal Cinema to step up and make sure its a safe place for everyone that comes, said Madalon. If we dont make a statement and help them change their practices, other people are gonna get hurt.

Santillana said the bites took more than a week to stop itching and that scars remain. Both women said their daughters are consumed with worry about the bugs.

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Its unacceptable, Gonzalez said. This shouldnt happen, especially for the little kids because theres nothing you can do for them.

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Regal Cinemas released a statement late Tuesday evening which states,The safety of our guests and that of our staff are always of the utmost importance to us and once we were notified, immediate steps were taken to investigate the allegations.  We engage the services of professional pest control providers to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. We want all of our guests to feel confident that they will be safe when they attend a feature at Oakwood and in furtherance of that objective, we will continue to engage professionals to conduct routine inspections at this facility as long as necessary to ensure the continued safety of our guests and staff.

I saw one my husband right after the movies, she said.

Moviegoers Claim Bed Bugs Bit Them At HollywoodTheater

This itch was continuous throughout the night into the next day, said Gonzalez.

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Sheyla Santillana and her friend Evita Gonzalez showed CBS4 News photos of bites and scars from what they say are bed bugs.

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Santillana said the shame is almost as bad as the bites.

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The next morning I woke up and I had bites behind my leg, like all over and they hurt and really itchy and it was horrible, Santillana said.

The lawyer for the women, Joseph Madalon, said he wants Regal Cinemas to clean the families homes, take care of their scars and make sure this doesnt happen again.

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Its really embarrassing, she said. People think you have bed bugs. You have it in your house. Youre dirty. But thats not the case.

Santillana said shes certain the bed bugs came from the theater.

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Moviegoers Claim Bed Bugs Bit Them At HollywoodTheater


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