Mind Control Sex Stories

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First Experiment – Explaining Chi – Tam Loses a Bet. by

A tale about a girl, a magic ring and her sapphic journey. by

Retail workers explore the kinkier side of hypnosis. by

Tristan unleashes the Art…on himself? by

Janice finds a demonic statue in a second hand store. by

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A break-up leads to unexpected discoveries for both parties. by

Hes been broken. Only a real Mistress may save him. by

Plans are coming together, and two new followers and lovers. by

Ophelia tries a seductive new perfume. by

Finale: John captures the final ring, but things go wrong! by

Joels life falls apart – only the impossible can help. by

Susan learns about the morning after The Equals first time. by

Mary tries out her control on other women. by

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A Half-Angel finds herself enslaved to a Demon. by

Joans brainwashing is tampered with by a female hypnotist. by

Sarah enjoys her new life as Junes goddess. by

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For me, its not exactly all its cracked up to be. by

Domina Shelles New Hypno Boy Ch. 04

Betrayed, charmed, enslaved. Divorce would have been better. by

Someone else is suspicious, but is she safe from control? by

Sarah finally tells Reyna the answer to the question. by

Wanda visits D-Mans comic shop & engages in… by

Kat uses her psychic powers to seduce the hapless Ben. by

Dr. Sonic tests out his hypnotic timepiece. by

A student slowly transforms into willing sex slave. by

More experiments with the power lead to more fun… at work. by

Mr. Puddle makes a drastic mistake after fucking Joan. by

The Adventures of Sultry Girl Ch. 01

A woman gets a free sample in the mail. by

Note to self: get better at Great Escapes. by

The second chapter of the direct sequel to Celestial Matters. by

Eroti Co. solves world peace with pleasure. by

A Morning After Amongst Equals Pt. 01

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The thrills and dangers of Tristans new life. by

He lusts for roommate & his girlfriend. by

Derek gets back at the boss everyone hates. by

4 best friends go on a trip theyll never forget. by

A mans simple statements make Judy a very horny girl indeed. by

John forces Kelly to play a twisted game for her freedom. by

Gwen learns more. Jessica entices. Sugar Tits races. by

He knows what youre feeling. He knows what you want. by

Twenty centimeters of shiny neon pink. by

Resistance leads to a surprise visit… by

Thomas Waite discovers his familys perverse secret. by

Extreme telephone sex, and a little possession. by

Harley is not having a good time… or is she? by

A foe that Helen cannot stop emerges. by

No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

The third chapter of the direct sequel to Celestial Matters. by

Falling into the trap of a gorgeous woman. by


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