Mighty Bug 5Episodes

A villain known as The Litterbug throws garbage across Yardley.

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Mighty Bug 5Episodes

Trivia: First Appearance of Joey (Voiced by Tom Kenny)

In this parody of Christmas specials, the Mighty Bug 5 teach their Grumpy Neighbor, (Edward Asner) the True Meaning of Christmas

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A Grasshopper named Joey Lies About There Being a Monster in the Back Alley. But when a Actual Monster Attacks Yeardley. He turns into The Shape-Shifter

A Bunch of Bugs Want to Join Jasons Band but They Have no Instruments until They Improvise and Make Instruments out of Simple Materials

Season 1 Debuted on September 23, 2017

A Villain known as The Pinch Bug starts Pinching the Citizens of Yeardley.

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Guest Starring:Sam Neillas The Litterbug

A group of unknown bugs start stealing Jack-o-Lanterns.

Guest Starring:Michael Keatonas The Pinch Bug


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