Marvel Movie Boss Could Take Control Of X-Men Says Disney CEO

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Marvel Movie Boss Could Take Control Of X-Men, Says Disney CEO

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In an interview withThe Hollywood Reporter, Iger was asked if Marvel would absorb the X-Men franchise from Fox, and if Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige would be overseeing it all together. His answer isnt quite a confirmation, but he certainly signaled what he prefers.

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The Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Foxrecently approved a merger, creating an even larger media empire for the house of mouse. The deal cleared the way for the X-Men franchise to finally enter the Marvel cinematic universe, and now Disney CEO Bob Iger hashintedthats likely in the cards.

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I think it only makes sense, Iger said. I want to be careful here because of whats been communicated to the Fox folks, but I think they know. It only makes sense for Marvel to be supervised by one entity. There shouldnt be two Marvels.

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There shouldnt be two Marvels.

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That could lead to some wild combinations, of course. Foxs X-Men franchise hasnt quite matched the tone of the MCU films, especially in the cases of the gonzoDeadpoolfilms and the moody anthology movieLogan. Asked if Deadpool could become an Avenger, Iger said, Kevins got a lot of ideas. Im not suggesting thats one of them. But who knows?

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Currently the X-Men and Marvel films are on two fairly distinct tracks. The X-Men franchise hasDark PhoenixandNew Mutantscoming next year, while Marvel is preparing to culminate its sprawling ten-year multi-film vision withCaptain Marvelfollowed quickly byAvengers 4. Those are two film franchises that dont exactly fit neatly into each others universes, so well have to see if Marvel swallows up the X-Men–and if it justifies the transition with a story-based explanation.

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