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I dont know what we can expect lets be curious about it!

Shooting with Mistress Rouge from UK today

After shooting Madame Catarina pronounced that she was happy with the movie and that she really enjoyed filming with two slaves.

So what is the movie about you will have to go to C4S and find out

Soon it was time to set off for the farm and after collecting the camera man en-route it was onto the autobahn. On arrival at the farm I was introduced to the other actor slave and before long filming was underway.

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Story: Have you ever wondered what it is like to serve at the feet of a true goddess? What is a slaves eye view? What does the slave experience? This is not the usual POV movie. Madame Catarina has strapped a camera to the head of her slave Bootlicker giving a unique view of what it is truly like to serve her.

Madame Catarina has kindly given me permission to outline the events of that wonderful day.

Keywords for the movie Slave trade: CBT, cock and ball whipping, torture, bondage, two mistresses, corporal punishment, slave trade, leather, kidnapping, single tail, riding crop, Mistress Rouge UK,

As I knelt in the saloon awaiting my Mistresses instructions, I felt my nervousness and excitement grow. I was excited at the prospect of the movie making and of being able to serve my owner in a new way. It is sometime since I signed the slave contract and was allowed to toast Madame Catarina with a glass of her wonderful champagne and from that moment I became her property.

Here is the story:You thought slave trade is over? A relict from the past? No in a matriarchy its a common practice. But first the men has to be captured and then broken. This is the business of Madame Catarina

with Chris, the actor from Dr. Psycho any ideas?

Madame Catarina has absolute control of me and can use me in any way she pleases to be of service to her is my raison detre. My nervousness stemmed not from any concerns about what Madame Catarina would do with me but that I should somehow mess up the filming and cause her displeasure.

I arrived yet and wait for Mistress Ezada, the weather is nice and well have BBQ this evening. Ill keep you updated with pictures about the filming weekend here and on Twitter.


What a nice weekend meeting and filming with my friend Mistress Ezada Sinn.

Double Dom session with Mistress Rouge only at 28th of October possible book now!

We expecting one or two slaves lets see who/how much are dare enough.

Madame Catarina provided me with a list of items sI was to pack and I was very pleased to see that I was to pack my butlers uniform. This is something I only wear on special occasions such as when my owner entertains other Mistresses at her saloon and I am allowed to cook and serve at table.

Bootlicker see and can more imagine how it is to be dominated by me.

I think she really liked the Hidden Torture Farm.

We had so much fun with this two new filming slaves

Read what my butler and property wrote about the movie shoot where he was involved:

Wow that was something special for me yesterday. The milking machine was finally ready and I couldnt wait to test it. And it works so amazing, the pumping, the noise of sizzling air, the cock tight pressed in the caoutchouc liner, all the tubes aroundI was totally impressed

and I think you will love the movie too.

Click to by the movie/clips on the pictures below:

I was recently given the great honour of appearing in a movie which will shortly be available on C4S.The movie was shot at the Hidden Torture Farm and features extreme whipping and two slave actors.

Keywords: corporal punishments, face slapping, headmistress, Madame Catarina, caning, spanking, internatstellung

To give my slaves the feeling of real domination I had the idea to I buy a

I have shoot a new caning movie dont miss the clips onC4S

Click to buy the clip the preview pictures above!

Keywords: Keywords : Madame Catarina, Smoking, Human Ashtray , Spitting, Femdom, Boots, Leather, POV, Female Domination, Mistress,

head camera and attach this on Bootlickers mask. Now all can see what

I knew that we wanted to capture certain aspects of her ownership of me and my role as her 24/7 slave and butler in the movie and that she wanted to film with another slave as well.

Click the preview pictures to buy the clip on myClips4Sale Store

Story:Madame Catarina is the Headmistress of the Institute for Young Students. The Institute is founded on a strict philosophy in which all misbehaviour will be punished with painful exercise. An errant student has been sent to see the headmistress to receive his punishment for his misbehaviour and truancy and he will be punished!

Chapter ONE: Madame Catarina is dressed in stunning leather and thigh length boots and has ordered you to entertain her this afternoon as she enjoys a cigarette and a glass of sparkling white wine. You lie helpless at her feet and she decides to fit you with a funnel and uses you as an ashtray. Can you taste the ash as you swallow it, can you taste the mixture of wine and her saliva as she spits into your mouth. Can you feel the delicious pain as she crushes your cock beneath her heels and what do you feel when you gaze into her eyes as she begins to torture your nipples.

The day began like most of my days in Madame Catarinas service. I awoke in my leather sack in the dungeon. This morning I was very aware of my chastity device as I knew it wasthe day of the filming and I was really excited about it. Madame had discussed some aspects of the movie with me although by no means all.

Madame Catarinas Movie Shoot Blog


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