Love Bug Magnets {Valentines KidsToddlers Craft

Use these to attach to Valentines Day cards or gifts, attach to a love note, or to simply stick on the fridge to hold notes. Do you want free printables of the cute Frozen themed Valentines as shown in the photos? Download themhere.

Plastic Googly Eyes (Also found these at the dollar store!)

6. Put aside until the glue hardens. Next you can glue the magnet onto the bottom.

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Love Bug Magnets Valentines Kids/Toddlers Craft

Pom Poms (Target had a nice selection of Valentines colors for $1 in their Dollar area)

Glue (I used fabric  glue but any liquid glue will work)

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2. Start placing your pom poms onto the stick and press lightly into the glue.

3. Squirt a tiny bit of glue onto the back of the googly eyes and place them onto one of the end pom poms

This is a fun craft for older toddlers and kids to make and its fun to make them with them too! Its a fairly easy and quick craft which puts it high up there on my list!

My 18 month old is just a tad bit young for this craft although she enjoyed playing with the pom poms and popsicle sticks as I was making these ?

Popsicle sticks (I found a big bag of these at the dollar store)

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Wooden Clothes Pins (dollar store again!)

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1. Put a medium sized line of glue all the way down one popsicle stick

4. Put the love bug aside to dry (continue making others now as needed)

Love Bug Magnets Valentines Kids/Toddlers Craft

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5. Once the pom poms are securely glued in place and all the glue has dried, you can glue it onto a clothes pin.

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