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I had already read The Secret and The Magic and felt absolutely inspired by their message. But I was still having trouble using the Law of Attraction. I was not attracting the things I wanted, and I was getting a little disappointed. But I really WANTED to be able to use the Law of Attraction. So I started reading The Power.

Halfway through the book, Rhonda says, When you begin working with the Creation Process, you might want to start by attracting something unusual. When you specifically attract something unusual, you will be left in no doubt about your power when you receive it. When I read these words, I said to myself: This is it. I am going to use the Law of Attraction and the Creation Process to attract something unusual. That way I will know for sure that the power is real, and that I can harness it. I wont continue reading the book until I have attracted this unusual thing.

The unusual object I chose to attract is a ladybug. That might not seem unusual to some people. But I live in London, where the heart of the city is all stone and concrete, and the only sign of nature are the pigeons. On top of that, it was the dead middle of winter, not exactly the time when butterflies and ladybugs fly around. I thought that the odds of seeing a ladybug in London during the winter are impossible, and if I saw one, I would have no doubt that I attracted it.

I am a student studying at university.

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I have no doubt that I attracted this ladybug to me. For what are the chances that a ladybug lands right next to me instead of any of the other 20 people in the room? What are the chances that there is a ladybug alive inside a building, in the dead of winter, in the middle of central London? If it were summer in an open grassy field, that would make sense. But the odds are so slim, that I know that ladybug came from my power.

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So, I imagined the red and black spots of the ladybug, I imagined it crawling on my bare hand, the way its feet tickled. I imagined the ladybug for several weeks.

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The Power of Henrys Imagination

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Today I got my ladybug. It was in the most unexpected place possible. I was indoors, attending a class at my university. Suddenly the person sitting next to me gave a little startle I looked down to see something dark on the desk. It was my ladybug! I picked her up and let her crawl on my bare hand, just like I had imagined it.

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