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Bester: Kaylee had a brief fling with the ex-Serenity Mechanic, shortly before taking his job when she proved herself more capable by fixing a problem that had stumped Bester for a week in a matter of minutes.

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Although most notable in the episodeShindigwhen he criticized her desire to purchase an elaborate dress on the grounds that she would have no opportunity to wear it in her jobthis recurs throughout the series.

From Jewel Staite: Meet the Sci-Fi Sets New Barbarellla: In the film Staite reprises her role as the titular ships sexy mechanic Kaylee Frye. Shes kind of a floozy who wears her heart on her sleeve, says the actress.

Inara: Kaylee enjoyed spending time withInara, as one who indulged Kaylee in doing girly things, from shopping to combing her hair, like a best friend or a surrogate older sister to a younger sister. They are often seen talking on the balcony of the cargo hold and sharing hugs or cheek kisses. Inara also offered Kaylee advice on her love life, specifically how to deal with her crush on Simon or how to get Simon to notice her.

Kaylee joined the crew ofSerenitywhen its captain,Malcolm Reynolds, interrupted her andBesterhaving sex inSerenitys engine room.[1]At the time, Bester wasSerenitys mechanic. However, when Bester incorrectly informed Mal that the ship could not be fixed, Kaylee quickly proved him wrong by diagnosing the problem and repairing the groundedSerenity. Impressed with her mechanical ability, Mal immediately offered her Besters job. Kaylee happily accepted, and left her family (and Bester) behind to join the crew.[1]

Kaylee had apparently always had an affinity with machines. On her homeplanet, she would often assisther fatherin repairing things.

Mal expressing his fondness for Kaylees optimistic nature

Actress Jewel Staite explains Kaylees character as being wholesome, sweet, and completely genuine in that sweetness, adding She loves being on that ship. She loves all of those people. And shes the only one who loves all of them incredibly genuinely.[12]Staite toldInterviewmagazine, Shes kind of a floozy who wears her heart on her sleeve.[13]

Kaylee is portrayed by actorJewel Staitein the television seriesFireflyand in the motion pictureSerenity.

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Simon: Kaylee developed a romantic attraction toSimon Tamwhich remained unconsummated for a long time, even though it was clear that their feelings were mutual. She developed a crush on him the moment she first saw him. She acted like a any teenage girl with a massive crush on a boy would act. It was often his proper attitude that prevented the two of them from ever engaging in a more meaningful relationship[8], or his dedication to protecting his sister.[7]The problem was compounded by the fact that he sometimes made comments that hurt Kaylees feelings, insulting the lifestyle of the crew,Serenity, and even herself, though he never intentionally meant to insult her; a prominent example of his ineptitude at making conversation was when he described her as the only girl in the world, on the grounds that all the other women he knew were either married (Zoƫ), too professional (Inara) or related to him (River).[9]Simon himself almost never got mad at Kaylee, the only time being when Kaylee revealed Rivers disturbing expert use of a handgun, which placed a dark cloud over River in the eyes of the others, which in turn angered Simon, although he was able to control it.[10]Eventually, Simon and Kaylee confessed their feelings for each other and consummated their relationship.[7]

On the rare occasion that her ability as a mechanic failed her, she tended to lose her sunny disposition, as happened whenSerenitys engine failed after an explosion, leaving Kaylee saddened that her ship had become so damaged and she hadnt noticed the warnings. Kaylee tended to personifySerenity, talking about her as if the ship were a sentient creature, and Kaylee took insults to the ship personally when someone referred to it as junk.[1].

Just do it, thats all; my daddy says I got natural talent.

Johnson, Lisa(2004-03-05).Firefly Lights Up Big Screen.

Kaylee was shot in the stomach by theAllianceagentLawrence DobsonSimon Tamused her injury as a bargaining chip to be allowed to remain onSerenitywith his sister,River.[2][3]While Simon tended to Kaylee,Jayne Cobbwas huddled on the catwalk outside of the infirmary watching the surgery. Earlier, Jayne had been banished from the dinner table for making lewd comments about her obvious attraction to Simon, thus humiliating her in front of Simon while leaving Simon himself very embarrassed.[2]And yet, his obvious concern emphasized her importance to him and implied how deeply the other members of the crew care about heralthough Jayne would still embarrass her later by making fun of her attraction to Simon, usually right in front of Simon.source?

River revealed that the attraction between Simon and Kaylee was not a simple crush of infatuation, but that the two were in fact, in love.[6]

Simon Tam later confessed his feelings for her, which she reciprocated. The two finally consummated their relationship; Kaylee and shirtless Simon kissed each other passionately before sinking into her quarters, with River peeking in wide-eyed from an overhead hatch.[7]

Malcolm: The overall relationship betweenMalcolm Reynoldsand Kaylee closely resembled that of a brother and sister, as stated by Mal when he referred to Kaylee as Xiao Mei Mei, meaning Little Younger Sister inMandarin,[2]and when he vocally protested hearing about it when she commented that she hadnt had sex for a year.[7]Although Kaylee is occasionally annoyed when Mal disdains her interest in girly activities, such as dismissing her interest in a frilly dress, in general they get along well, each regardingSerenityas one of their greatest loves (albeit from different perspectives) as they keep the ship together.

Kaylee and Simon finally consummate their relationship in the engine room

River:River Tamand Kaylee enjoyed playing together and related somewhat similar to teenage friends talking about boyfriends and past experiences. This is seen when River jokingly stole Kaylees apple resulting in a chase throughSerenityand Kaylee claiming back the apple then stating no power in the Verse can stop me. Later, River repeated the statement after killing three men with a handgun (not missing a single shot with her eyes closed), and saving Kaylee. Kaylee was understandably somewhat distressed by the incident, and avoided River for some time, though she later decided to put it aside.[11]

Kaywinnet Lee Kaylee FryeisSerenitys mechanic. She is an exceptional engineer and has a natural intuition for machines, despite her lack of formal training. She is kind, trustworthy, sees the best in people, and is known as the Heart ofSerenity.

Along with her mechanical aptitude, which allowed Kaylee to fix just about anything, she had a desire for girlish things and was annoyed when Mal did not see that she was a woman as well as a mechanic.[4][5]

I dont believe there is a power in the verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful. Sometimes you just want to duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.

Kaylee had shown an affinity for strawberries. As part of payment for being allowed passage onSerenity,Shepherd Bookoffered her a small box of strawberries, which she eagerly accepted. Later, when she accompanied Malcolm Reynolds to a ball, she immediately homed in on the bowl of strawberries on the buffet table.[2]

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