Kaylee bugs First Birthday

I love this..Do you male them and sell them?

I actually made the banner. If your interested, you can send me an email sewi

We did a black and pink ladybug theme for my daughters 1st bday party. It turned out great! I made ladybug antennae headbands from ribbon and pom poms. I also painted some small pots and put a ladybug cookie pop in each pot and a plantable thank you tag for favors. The kids had bug kits for favors with their names on them, and they had ladybug stickers and gummy candies in their bag along with a ladybug hair clip. The younger kids got a ladybug book with a hair clip. We put balls in a kiddie pool for a ball pit.. and they played in that, and just around the yard. I also made a pinata, and they got to hit that and get candy out of it. They had a blast with it! Then I had live ladybugs we set free, and that was a hit! The kids were so excited about it and loved it so much! They all couldnt get enough ladybugs in their kits.

I love your photo banner! Did you make the photo banner, or purchase it?

Hi, wanted to know was this done or bought at a store?

How did you make the ladybug in this? Love it!

I would love to know where to get this

make us what I meant.. not male. sorry

I am interested in the photo banner as well. I sent an email yesterday but no repsonse

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Kaylee bugs First Birthday


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