Jonas Brothers

What are nick Jonass interest in a girl?

She hung out with Claire and Austin swift at the after party.

What is Jonas brothers doing right now?

What are facts about Joseph Adam Jonas?

The only confirmed relationship of theirs lasted from June 11th, 2006 to December 19th, 2007.

What does Nick Jonass house look like?

Are the Jonas brothers still in Australia?

As of November 2010, The Jonas Brotherss newest album is Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. It was released in June 2009.

Well if he tells u he loves u a lot and he doesnt look at other girls or ever thinks about taking time off. also if he gives u a promise ring u noe he will always be true to u

Well, this question is a quite an interesting one. The eldest of the brothers, Fayard Nicholas had not received training for his parents, Viola and Ulyssess, were vaudeville performers. Since the age of three, he had been fascinated by their moves and moved on to repeat their moves and add his own…

What kind of lady does Nick Jonas want?

well im interested in a girl who knows who she is and who is friendly!!. im interested in british girls.i love their accents!!. im looking for a girl who has great taste in fashion.. im interested in pretty tall girls so around 5ft.5inches or taller.. i think age is just a number so maybe if ur…

What is the name of the Jonas Brothers newest album?

Who is the second oldes Jonas brother?

Is it true Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are not friends any more?

nothing she doesnt have fears but her really hating fear is brocili and peaches lol but she really hates them and her fear is bad guys and Jon benet ramseys mummy

Which one is most expensive ray ban or gucci sunglass?

How can you campare Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas?

Because they would be mobbed by fans and it was for their own safety. ūüôā

WAT THE HECK!! God does not hate any1 r u crazy or something! god loves every1 even if they do something very very super duper bad like say god is dumb or hes a jerk or bad stuff god doesnt hate people! He forgives and doesnt do a thing if u pray good thinggs will happen and it was told rich people…

Nick Jonas favorite movie is called Finding Neverland

Why did the Jonas brothers go to a private school?

What are the Jonas brothers favorite ice cream flavors?

What is the admistration with Nick Jonas and the admistration?

nick Jonas has lots of songs but a song that is specificly about nick Jonas is nick j is off the chain. its a rap by nick Jonas.

What is taylo launters favorite football team?

Did the Jonas Brothers play in Vancouver?

since he is a reciever he has the abilty given by the giver but he has no power its only papers he sees

yes: Taylor Swift Joe Jonas 1. Taylor is a girl 1. Joe is a boy 2. Taylor is a better singer 2. Joe is relly mean 3. Taylor is nice 3. Joe is ugly 4. Taylor is a top hit 4. nobody likes joe

technically, your mom and dad have sex and then god chooses if it is a boy or girl. And if there is many genes from the man when he mates with the female , it will most likely become a boy.

Joe Jacob. He lives at 16 melrose close, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft. With his mum and dad, Sally and Matt. He also has a gay brother called Lewis who likes to give anil to every night

well it is 2010 so it would be demi lavato

When was the last time Nick Jonas cried?

Joe and his brothers became famous at a barber shop. Nick was going to do a solo but they got all of them! (But not their little brother Frankie)Even though I like Frankie too I kind of wish he was in the band!

What is the name of the new CD of the Jonas brothers?

What is the name of Nick Jonas guitars?

What are the Jonas Brothers birthdays?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

It means you are always on the road…or you live in a tour are just in a bus constantly

You are thinking of Nick, right? Well he didnt, the songs he had recently written werent suited for the Jonas Brothers so he made another band called Nick Jonas and the Administration and he doesnt plan on leaving the Jonas Brothers for good anytime soon

No Taylor swift is to busy to care about them

When did Taylor Swifts music career begin?

Does Joe Jonas wear boxers or briefs?

1. An international code signal of extreme distress, used esp. by ships at sea. 2. An urgent appeal for help.

Im thinking on the lips? Maybe cheek?

Of course, Joe, Nick, Kevin and Stella have all been best friends since they were little, but Stella and Joe are the closest of the four.

I dont think you could do this, in most cases. The age of majority is 18. Thats when youre considered a legal adult and you can make all your own decisions. In some cases a minor can be legally emancipated. You would want to contact a family lawyer in California to ask about this. Otherwise you…

the Jonas brothers are all really different. if you want to learn more about them, i recomend . I can tell you one thing, they love music!

Go ahead pres charges your parents might not like it but still go ahead pres them

What year did Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus get together?

She has curly hair or she have curly hair?

How much would a autographed picture of Nick Jonas be?

Name one of Joe Jonas celebrity girlfriend?

Can a 17-year-old move from California to Texas and legally live there?

email He sold me some, there really nice Highly recommended.

Yes, a little brother, Frankie Jonas

Who was joe jonas most previous girlfriend?

There are many, but my personal favorites are Les Miserables, Catsand Matilda!

Until she was nine she attended a private Montessori school run by Franciscan nuns. For the next year or so, she attended an exclusive private prep school. When her family relocated to Wyominsing, PA, she attended another private school until junior high school, and then transferred to Wyomingsing…

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How long has Nick Mackman been working in clay?

Do the Jonas brothers get their nails done at salons?

Whick of the Jonas brothers preformed in Broadway?

Which Jonas Brother is most likely to take a nap in the middle of the day?

There she goes again The girl Im in love with Its cool were just friends We walk the halls at school We know its casual Its cool were just… I dont wanna lead you on No But the truth is Ive grown fond Yeah Everyone knows its meant to be Falling in love, just you and me Till the end of…

No. They sing live. They are amazing beyond belieff

What is another name for Frankie in Spanish?

What are some facts about Nick Jonas?

How do you know if a man wants to be with you forever?

Nick (A Christmas Carol, Annie Get Your Gun, Beauty and the Beast, Les Mis√ɬ©rables and How To Succeed…) and Joe (La Boh√Éme)

what!! you dont even know!! well Ill tell u. its joe Jonas. my dream boyfriend!!! ahhhhhhhh…

What is jonas ability to see beyond?

The Soul of the Great Bell (Short Story)

the last time he cried was when he preformed stay

Did Frankie Jonas and Noah cyrus date?

He probably has to actually meet you first.

must be nick since he is a teenager and teenagers do luv there sleep:L:L oh and nick Jonas is mine cause were married but he dont no yet so bk off if u wanna keep on livin

his fave color is blue. he has brown eyes. he is dating camilla belle. (i hate her with a passion.) he plays tamborinee, guitar, keyboard and he is the lead singer. his shoes size is 9-10 in men. he wears briefs. he was the second brother born out of 4. he dated Mandy vandumyer, aj micalka and…

they are italian, german, and irish. they said so in a video chat. according to yahoo answers..

No, all hte brothers were involved in it, joe Jonas saved his brothers nick Jonas from dieing that day by protecting him.

You cannot, or ever could, buy it in stores. It was only released as a promo CD shipped out to store managers. You can buy the promo on Ebay on average about $50

Do the Jonas Bothers have another brother?

Joe Jonas was going out with Taylor Swift a few months ago. Joe Jonas was going out with Taylor Swift a few months ago. Joe Jonas was going out with Taylor Swift a few months ago

Where can you get the gold jacket like Joe Jonas was wearing at the Hannah Montana 3D?

How many sisters does Joe Mcelderry has?

Is the Jonas brothers having a Canadian tour?

they are going to Ontario in July for one show…


As of January 30, 2010-Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus have not gone out for about three years. They are definitely NOT still dating.

If your brother hits you and hes 18 can I pres charges.?

How did the Nicholas brothers receive training?

Are the Naked Brothers Band go on tour?

What is the city in the background of nick jonass album?

Why wont Joe Jonas admit hes gay so I can do him all night long?

It depends go to eBay or just go to free meet and greets before shows they are free.

Answer . \nYou record it on your computer. Then you burn it.

What did Taylor Swift do after Grammys?

What is the best musical film for teenagers?

Will Jo Jonas break up with aj michlka?

Is Mike Rowes girlfriend named Sandy or Danielle?

Are the Jonas Brothers going to write another song together?

Why did one of the Jonas Brothers leave the group?

yes she is a blind child who is cool

The red and black guitar is called Rose Ann. But thats all that I know.

Does nick jonass brothers know he has diabetes?

Was Nick Jonas the only Jonas brother in the car accident?

Kevin – Rocky Road . Joe – Chocolate Marshmallow . Nick – Cotton Candy

Did Selena Gomez and nick Jonas get married?

nick likes a a quite type of girl may be of his type (better go to play nick Jonas girlfriend quiz then u will know u r of his type or not)

He Is Now Dateing Ashley Green But Was Dating Not To Long Ago Demi Lovato But Has Now Enterd Rehab

Would Nick Jonas ever date a 14 year old girl from Puerto Rico?

He has type one diabetees, he likes reading, baseball(fave team is Yankees) , his full name is Nicholas Jerry Jonas, his fave dessert is pumpkin pie, he loves steak, he likes golf and song writting, his fave hloiday is Thanksgiving, he is inspired by cupcakes, if he could do somthing wild and…

His full name is Paul Kevin Jonas III

Has Joe ever stabbed Kevin in the leg with a pencil when Kevin was leaving for school?

hes been single but him and Nicole Anderson date in the show Jonas

Which of these titles is a song by Jonas brothers burnin up smack that makin good love?

maybe havent heard them in a while though

Yes, the Jonas Brothers have performed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Paul Kevin Jonas II Kevins birthday is November 5th, 1987, Joseph Adam Jonas Joe or Danger birthday is August 15th, 1989, Nicholas Jerry Jonas Nick or Nicky (but only to his family!) is September 16th, 1992 & Franklin Nathatniel Jonas Frankie or Frank the Tank birthday is September…

No. If you mean did Hannah Montana go out with Nick, then yes she did. well Miley Cyrus did. Hannah Montana has never dated Nick. Whos Hannah Montanas dating depends on which episode youre talking about.

they broke up a long time ago… like over a year ago actually.

yes they do know and him from the he was diagnosed.

Is Nick Jonas still datinging Miley?

Who is Stellas best friend on Jonas?

\nJoe Jonas use mostly boxer briefs. Because he always weare tight pants. So it will be very unconfortable for him. But when he goes arround the city he uses boers. Because they are more sexy. \n….=]

Did Taylor Swift go to Catholic schools?

What are the lyrics to Just Friends by the Jonas Brothers?

Did dimi lavato and Joe Jonas kiss?

What type of insulin does Nick Jonas use?

Yes they have kissed therefore they are going out

How old do you have to be to start a barber shop?

You should be ashamed with your self ! ! ! i am the Jonas Brothers mothers but i can tell you we live in New Jersey .

Where can you find the Nicholas Jonas CD Not from Wal Mart they dont sell it anymore?

Its in the sport shop some where. Start clicking things.

What does nick jonass house look like Well on E! I know they showed a pic once… The only details I know are that he lived in Wycoff on Franklin Drive/Road. IDK sorry.

His favorite team is the New York Giants, but he also likes the Dallas Cowboys

Is Taylor Swift friends with Selena Gomez and demi lovato?

Who is Nick Jonas favorite football team?

The Jonas Brothers, a popular Pop/Rock band consisting of three brothers: Nick, Joe, and Kevin.

i dont know where (sorry) but I love that jacket I have a poster of him wearing that jacket in my room. Nick has one like it that he wears in the Look Me in the Eyes tour they both look very cute in it. ———. Joes jacket can be found here but only silver is available:

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Who is Joe Jonas currently dating as of 2010?

Is hannah montanas boyfriend nick jonas?

Has Nick Jonas Date Taylor Swift yet?

Jonas Brothers


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