I am friends with Camelita Chu!

Why would anybody lie about knowing Carmelita Chu? lol

hes not a stranger, hes just strange..

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Im friends with Camelita Chu. How hilarious is that! She also played Rudis friend on the Cosby show and danced with Vanilla Ice at the 1996 peoples choice awards. She was also on the Micky mouse club with Brandi and Jennifer love hewitt. Anyways, whatever but its kinda funny!

I am friends with Camelita Chu!

The things you own end up owning you

Naoka Nakagawa played Rudys friend on the Cosby Show; Jennifer Frances Lee played Carmelita Chu — hilarious.

her names caRmelita chu. and she isnt listed as being in the cosby show it says the only thing she was ever in was this. so, unless you have some better proof… it sounds like your lying. but if you have some proof, please do prove me wrong

Furthermore, Jennifer Love Hewitt wasnt on THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB. She was on KIDS INCORPORATED. If by Brandi you mean Brandy (nee Norwood), then she wasnt on either TMMC nor KIDS Inc.

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